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  1. They finally appeared on my portfolio :). I guess the process takes time.
  2. Thanks, mate. I will have to start sharpening them!
  3. Hmmm .... I have an additional question. I have uploaded a few scanned images and these have passed QC. Excellent! I want to now add these to my Portfolio but they do not show as available to add. Am I missing something, or are archival images not allowed within your portfolio? As always, I'd value the collective's guidance. Thank you. Martin
  4. Thanks Chuck. I appreciate your advice. The subjects of my Kodachrome stash is quite different, being aircraft/aviation related. The images could appeal to publishers in this field (my view). I just had my first small, tester, batch accepted. I have submitted them un-sharpened as per the Alamy general instructions. Is that true for archival stuff? Martin
  5. @spacecadet hi, I've been accepted for archival submissions :). I just need, now, to work out how to do this. M
  6. Chaps, the archive application asks for either a website or portfolio. My website is not operating now and right now I don't have a portfolio, merely a few edited scans. I do have many, many un-edited TIFFscans, however, and many edited scans that I would rework from new scans before submitting. So, what are they looking for?
  7. Thanks all for your inputs. i wrote to Alamy at contributors@... Etc earlier today. I'm looking forward whT they say.
  8. Yep, thats the job I have to undertake every time, sadly. ICE dust removal doesn't work on Kodachrome.
  9. That can be correct but the Coolscan handles them fine
  10. Hi Spacecadet, they are aviation subjects, from mainly the 1980s, appropriate for specialist publications (in my opinion). Would that count? Martin
  11. Hello, I am new to Alamy and only joined the forum today, seeking advice on submitting. My question is about scanned Kodachromes, which I am sure have interest. I use a Nikon Coolscan V ED and Photoshop/Lightroom for post-scan processing. I recently submitted a few but every one was rejected immediately, stating the "camera" was unknown. I woyld be interested, and would value, the thoughts of the collective here on how to successfully submit. Thank you.
  12. An interesting thread everyone. I just joined Alamy and have "suffered" the same issues and so have poured in quite relevant but bland words, sometimes repeated to get the "50". Are you saying that I dont need to and my images will still be on sale even when in the orange low down?
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