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  1. Oh I see. Just tried that, and it brings up the Alamy image (on Alamy), but not the Times website. Am I searching wrong? What search terms do you use? The image number and times?
  2. Thank you. Glad you've identified it online. I don't know how to take a screenshot of a GIS. What is a GIS anyway!
  3. Hello Bryan, Thank you for flagging this for me. I have not been paid and Alamy has told me that they cannot pursue it as I don't have proof. They also ask whether I can confirm it was in print and not online? I assume Times 2 is a print publication? Response from Alamy: "Unfortunately without proof of use we’re unable to look into it. Can you confirm if this use was just in print rather than online?" Also, they used one of my photos that you flagged twice in August... I have not been paid for this and expect it to go the same way. Any chance you have a link to the item below? You sa
  4. Thank you so much for highlighting these Bryan. I haven't been paid for a usage in May, from the Times, let alone August. I am chasing up the May non-payment, and will chase up this too, if it doesn't come through. Non-payment is quite annoying, but at least when you raise the use, I can chase for what I'm due. Thank you again. Susie
  5. Thank you Bryan. This hasn't shown up as a sale yet, so I will look out for it.
  6. I just want to tell you guys how valuable your observations are. Two of mine, which you pointed out are in the Daily Mail, have not even shown up as sold, 4 months later. I have raised a query with Alamy, but I think it's only because of your effort that I will hopefully, eventually get paid. Thank you.
  7. I've had the same message a few times. It's always been when I've accidentally tried uploading photos that were more than 48 hours old - either because I'd been using external upload software and forgot to set it to stock (when I had previously been uploading news), or because I was just a bit slow, and thought I was within the 48 hour limit, but had actually just missed it. Other than that, I think filling in all the IPTC data is very important in the 'file info' section, with your name, keywords, captions etc. If you don't put enough keywords into the file info, that could stop it from being
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