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  1. Mine, mostly related to news, sports http://www.instagram.com/sandipsavasadia/
  2. Kirk! i really like your pictures of the bears!:)
  3. I have followed this thread for some time now, i am new on Alamy Live news and it was fun and exciting to post pictures of political events. I even booked flight tickets from Sweden to London just to take pictures of Brexit-events and send them up to Alamy, crazy isn't it?:) Did i sell anything? No! but it was fun! I am a bit sad that they have now closed the Live news option for us newbies but i do understand that they want to set a level somewhere. However it will only be harder for us new ones who want to get into news and sports photography. So what happens now? Start looking for other alternatives? I enjoyed the setup that Alamy Live News had.
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