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  1. For me this makes sense. I do `a lot of live music that stuff that would not pass standard QC due to noise but that isn't of instant interest to news desks. The reportage route is perfect for that. Obviously bigger bands and festivals will be worth uploading to live news, but Level 42 playing Wickham Festival is unlikely to be worth a push unless something unusual happens. It's the same with a couple of protests I covered recently. They were small, peaceful and were not going to get any interest from the nationals so reportage would have been perfect for them. While I now unders
  2. Ah. As I usually shoot concerts and festivals I tend to always shoot in raw. As I am looking to expand what I do I may need to rethink that. I'm going to be shooting a couple of protests this afternoon so will have a play around and see what I can achieve. I've not got my live news uploads re-enabled yet so this gives me a good chance to have a play around and test out whats possible.
  3. Do you edit on your phone? I find the screen much too small for that.
  4. Does anyone know is it shots uploaded within an hour of the event your attending finishing or is it within an hour of the shot being taken?
  5. I mainly do concert and festival photography. When I first started I worked for one of the local papers for free in order to get into events. It was the only way I could get the access I needed to move forward. When the paper started asking me to cover things in a wider area I told them they would have to cover my expenses. Our association pretty much ended there as they are not willing to pay anything. Saying we should all refuse to give shots for free will never work because there are people like myself who have to do that in order to build their portfolio of work and move forward. You
  6. I have done some stuff for Newsquest. The rumour at the time was that they got a bonus for the paper that paid the least for photography, although I have never seen any proof that this was true. They stopped asking me to cover events when I asked them to cover some of my expenses. In response to that, they just got some young lad who was willing to do it for free instead.
  7. We have all had those days. I recommend more coffee.
  8. I doubt knowing how many times he rewrote the caption before he decided he was happy with it would help anyone.
  9. Thanks for the update Mr Standfast. It nice to hear that things are moving forward. Jim
  10. I applied within 24 hours of receiving the email from them and am still waiting for a reply. While I cannot say where the fault lies as I don't know what happened internally to result in this happening or how much notice the news team had of the extra workload of having to deal with all of us reapplying, the net result has been a mess which has left a lot of contributors feeling very put out. I would hope that the management at Alamy would learn from this to find a better way to do things in the future, but they don't seem to have learned from past issues that upset their contributo
  11. Has anyone had a reply back after re-applying? I mainly do live music and festivals and right now is the time to be applying for the festival season. I'm a little lost as to if I should apply in the hope that I get my live news uploads back or if I should wait and possibly miss a lot of festivals because I didn't apply in time.
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