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  1. I’ve been away and just read this. So sad . A great inspiration to many a photographer. Condolences to Keith’s family.
  2. The Canon equivalent the 1DX is great if you do a lot of news or sport. Again expensive. I find the lighter Canon 6d to be a good stills stock camera and the new canon mirror less seem to be the ideal comprise of quality and lightness.
  3. Thanks for including mine, and in true Eurovision fashion I have not voted for mine . Andy
  4. Ahh thank you Spacecadet. I tried always to make it bigger...followed what I read about posting images eg. clicking on an enlarged image and drag and drop but kept going in small. Even had trouble with a URL link.. Thanks again.
  5. Yes same as Starsphinx, not been so mobile myself of late. Congratulations on your 1500. Im still at a low 700 mark and with only one sale but strangely enjoying the experience.
  6. Thanks Alan I have started to look into more details. Learning that as much work if not more needed in Aim as in taking and editing. Thanks for all your feed back.
  7. Thanks Ian. Ive just amended that. I do go back over when I have time to random photos. I try and think how they may be searched for and add those search keywords. I sometimes find it easier that way. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Thanks Niels Its hard to remember where you are after the onboard all inclusive drinks. Ha ha. Will try harder on the captioning . Not the best job in the world but crucial for sales no doubt. Thanks again.
  9. Hi all, New to the forum but been a contributor for about a year. Can people have an honest look at how I’m approaching things so I’m not going in the wrong direction. I know with only 300 it’s pretty small at the moment and with just one sale I fully realise I need to up the quantity, I just want to make sure I’m roughly doing the right thing. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/647685.html Thanks in advance Andy
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