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  1. Thanks Everyone! The comments and discussion have provided invaluable insight! Thanks, Mark
  2. Wim, Wow, thank you for the in depth response! Again more insight that I wasn't thinking about. thanks, Mark
  3. Thanks Bill and All, That's what I feared, but not a problem - I thought of selling it as it is the only interesting photo I have LOL. Mark
  4. Betty, Thank you for the deep explanation - it really opens up a lot of insight and things to think about. I never thought of selling images before this photo and do realize that I have much to learn when it comes to pixel peeping. I primarily use LR, but also use GIMP with Darktable. I know that zoomed out to 280mm with no tripod, and at a low shutter speed that sharpness will be an issue - especially when reacting to that moment. I am just trying to understand if there is a possibility to try and salvage this and if it could be
  5. Hopefully you have made some decent sales throughout all this time.
  6. Thank you. I did shoot RAW, I just wasn't sure what is his comment meant about the RAW images. I guess my main question is: Do you think this image is salvageable to pass QC with the proper corrections? I realize I need to step back and focus on uploading simpler images, but curious about this photo in particular. thanks, Mark
  7. Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it To be honest, I was only really thinking of selling this one image - the full wide shot, and then the more zoomed in crop. I was thinking that this was a once in a lifetime photo that maybe I could make some money as I can't find any other images out there close to something like this. Since I have been learning more about this, I am looking forward to expanding this to more photos. I just need to practice on getting better more sharp photos. Yeah, the shutter speed was definitely too slow than what I would have chos
  8. Hello All, I am looking forward to exploring this forum and learning more about Alamy! thanks, Mark
  9. Hello All, What would be your opinion on the best settings for photos to pass the QC check? I have this one image that is an awesome shot (1951 Grumman Albatross flying close to the a lighthouse), but I fear that it isn't quite good enough to sell. I used a Sony A77II with a 70-300mm 4.5-5.6 lens. ISO 50, F5.6, 1/200th sec, 280mm. I was lining up for the lighthouse dialing in the settings and then the plane came...I didn't have it in continuous mode and of course the settings were not what I would have chosen had I not had to react so quickly. I tried to sub
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