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  1. Yes I understand when the new contract applies thank you, but Yes I understand when the new contract starts but I can't see any info that explains when Silver applies (and thus a dreadful 20% commission to photographers) and when Gold etc applies (with higher rates of commission) . For example : Is it a sales level requirement or a number of photos or years the contributor has with Alamy or something else? I cant see anything that explains this.
  2. I've looked (honestly) but I cannot see in the new contract when ALAMY SILVER and ALAMY GOLD applies (and Im guessing PLATINUM applies if the image is exclusive to alamy & you have also met conditions for GOLD whatever they may be). Sorry if this is staring me in the face.
  3. Hi Steve, may I ask what you do? Also, in your opinion is it a big issue if you sell as RM on Alamy and also sell some of the same images on microsites as RF given that most sales are "hybrid"? Thanks in advance as I need to review this situation. Rich
  4. Sterling work great eye for a pic. Im just sad I wont get a chance to try the live news more than once given the new rules as you have used it to great effect.
  5. Many thanks to everyone who has replied much appreciated & a special thanks to Bill for checking out my images to give me picture specific advice. I do remain baffled however as Jan was my best month in 2018 by volume I think and certainly value. Ill just keep my fingers crossed. At least the issue has made me join this forum which appears to be a great network of info & advice having reviewed some of the posts here, cheers Rich.
  6. Hi First post on here & I would be very grateful for any feedback you may have to offer. SALES DECLINE My sales up to the end of 2018 were increasing roughly in line with the number of photos online, achieving an average of just under a sale a week last year. However my sales for Jan-Mar 2019 have been almost nil and I am at a loss to explain this sudden drop. I would have expected them to remain constant even without the 1000+ images I have keyworded from late 2018 onwards. FYI I am still getting roughly the same zooms. Has anyone else experienced a drop in sales wit
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