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  1. col, I shoot what I want, buyers have the choice. Notions of shadow detail defining good exposure are really irrelevant.
  2. Wim & Ian - comments appreciated. Obviously I am going to have to improve my captioning. With buildings, and especially the use of gilding, I don't mind shadows, if it means there is detail in the highlights, especially for printing on paper, when a pale sky/white clouds, or very bright highlights means there is nothing for a printer to work with. Those gold figures around the Chinese Teahouse in Potsdam (which is a spectacular building) can look almost coppery brown in winter and the bright metallic sheen in many people's images is tempting but misleading. I prefer low contra
  3. domf - correct, very silly of me, I've been there more than once.
  4. Thanks for your comments David - you're right about the aircraft captions - but I took a look at your own pictures and decided that we have a different feel for detail and exposure - you prefer your sky washed out, while I try to keep some detail, especially for masonry and stonework.
  5. Interested to discover what other people think about this heap of pictures: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/562595.html
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