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  1. The site automatically rejects images that aren't large enough even before the QC team sees them. Had a couple rejected that way when I've taken my eye off the ball... I've found that uploading by FTP is far more reliable than the built in upload tool on the site, which has never worked properly for me.
  2. Guardian article on Giant Sequoias: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/oct/06/california-giant-sequoia-grove-alder-grove 3 Alamy images, 2 credited just to Alamy, one to Jeffrey Schwartz/Alamy
  3. Same story here. his article convinced me to join Alamy. Sad news.
  4. Looking at your list, did you have any question/issues in China & Vietnam at customs? Most of my gear looks 'used' as well... In & out of the US & Canada several times, I never had any issues. UK to Ireland several times, never bother to check bags most of the time, just walk straight through. One ferry trip back from Netherlands, myself & OH bought Dutch bikes, cycled off ferry soon as the ramp was down and disturbed customs guy who was reading his paper in the booth, feet up, "morning" I called as we cycled past, he jumped up "oh ferries arrived then he said" 😁
  5. Always nice to find your image in unexpected places: Country: WorldwideUsage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years.Media: Website, app and social media32 MB4100 x 2728 pixels1 MB compressedImage Size: Any sizeStart: 17 September 2019End: 17 September 2024 $$ The end product is err... 'heavily photoshopped' by Coldwarsteve.com https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=9C994BA4-3730-47C6-8B39-476894B3F321
  6. Do be careful with cheap inverters, I blew a laptop power supply up a few years ago by using a cheap inverter. Better quality ones produce a pure sine wave as opposed to the modified sine wave of cheaper models, and sensitive electronics prefer the pure sine wave. Better quality inverters will also use less energy. Alwasy buy a bigger one than you think you need. I can recommend Bimble Solar, had PV panels and inverter off them for several projects including when I lived off grid.
  7. Ok that's really useful, thanks. I've read various bits about keywording, and have tried to include what I thought was relevant, as well as detailed captions - I've noticed quite a few images on Alamy where the captions are really vague, and tried to not do the same. I have found that you can get a few useful bits of info from the DVLA vehicle check website, namely make and year of vehicle, if you have the reg number.
  8. OK, good point, thanks, will do. Personally never enjoyed darkroom work, though I know many people do.
  9. I just signed up with the forum today to look for answers to this question, I've sold 3 stock images so far this year, and 4 Live News, the latest stock sale was RF, and for very little $. Do people have any sort of distinction between what they'd sell as RF and RM? I have some of each at the moment, not sure if I should go all onto RM. I have everything listed as exclusive, and some of my subject matter is unique on Alamy, so I guess that would be better as RM? But the generic stock shots - billboards, corporate logos etc would they be better listed as RF?
  10. Hi, Thanks. I do more than just railways as a subject, some classic cars, agricultural, and trying some general stock images as well. Used to do news journalism back in the 1990's, come back to it recently, latest book was out last autumn, some magazine work in the offing, it's all changed a lot since I was last doing it though! (But at least I don't have to spend hours in a darkroom anymore...)
  11. Hello, Been lurking on the forum for a few weeks, signed up to Alamy earlier in the year, uploading my back catalogue, it's a long job...
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