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  1. Understood In your portfolio, there are a lot of images with people, but they don't seem to be marked as editorial only - do I have to check the "editorial only" box, or would it be sufficient just to mark the number of people in the image and state that I do not have a model release?
  2. Thanks Matt, I think there'll be plenty of editorial content in my area, I'll try and include this into my shooting plans
  3. Hey guys, Thanks a lot for your feedback, appreciate it! I thought it might be helpful to have more variations of similiar images so clients have more to choose from, but I'll cut this down from now on. Also I've added a lot of keywords to increase "discoverability" - does this make any difference for customers? So here's the plan: - Stick to less, but more precise keywords - reduce amount of similar images - focus on editorial shots and check the forums for current image needs on Alamy, keep more "stocky" conceptual pictures to other microstock agencies - shoot, upload, repeat Looking forward to seeing my first sale here, good to hear it's not unusual to wait for a few months.
  4. Hey everyone, I've registered as an Alamy contributor half a year ago, and didn't make a sale since. Here's my portfolio: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/frederikloewer Could you have a look at this and tell me if there are any obvious mistakes I'm making or how I could improve my images in order to sell more? I tried to incorporate a mixture of images, from generic to local images as well as editorial content. Thanks a lot for your feedback, looking forward to it! Best Frederik
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