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  1. Thank you all for your analyses. I really appreciate your time. You have all given me enough to work on for the next QC upload. What I can state at this point is that I 'cure' each image for lens softness CA, perspective, vignette, anamorphic volume distortion and capture noise as a first step and rarely use PS for sharpening or filters. My principle post processing work is in LR CC and what you may be seeing as 'sharpening' is probably excessive micro-contrasts on an already "hardened' image. This would be the Train Station pic.Same for the Spire on the blue sky. The Ronda Gorge and the Shard
  2. Hi Andre, You're right on the staircase image as it was a grab shot in available light at ISO 3200. My mistake to upload it. While on the others I got "Soft and lacking definition" for two of them while on the Plaza Spire i got Compression Artefacts from QC and no mention of dust spots.
  3. I have just activated the download of originals for anyone on Flickr so I have deleted the images and will be uploading watermarked ones soon.
  4. Hi Andre, Thanks for you observation. On which images do you see the dust spots. I've been quite attentive to remove any but I can't exclude that one or two may have slipped. Also note that QC have not mentioned dust spots in their failure comments.
  5. Thank you all for taking the trouble to enlighten me. I'm learning. These images only have raw input sharpening for the particular lens and sensor and JPEG output sharpened for screen as done by LR. They have not been sharpened or high-passed for output through PS . Also to be able to download from Flickr you will need to login to your user account. Temporarily I have set permission as public. I'll also upload to dropbox.
  6. Thanks for highlight the white line but, really the Film rebate remark threw me off course. You should be able to download the original in Flickr. I made sure you can.
  7. Hi Bryan, thank you for you suggestions. I'm not showing any award winning images; mostly good technical quality Travel shots which are mostly processed with LR or LR-PS. Cameras range from Nikon D3, D4s, D800 and D810. I have been through several gauntlets in trying to acquire technically sound images and some of my portfolio includes award winning images by the SWPP of the UK. I also hold a Master of Fine Arts(MFA) degree in Digital Arts but that was mostly on the theoretical side of the equation.
  8. Here is the link https://www.flickr.com/gp/147557167@N08/676R34 You should be able to download file size. All rights reserved and embedded.
  9. I'm in fourth attempt to try and get the OK for my first three images and the failure comments are bizarre to say the least. One of them was Film Rebate/not cropped and that was for a vivid digital image which I don't want to crop. I leave it to the wisdom of the gods at Almay to determine the type of film I have used on my DSLR Nikon D810. Soft and lacking definition for images of 6000px or 8000px well exceeding the 48MB is also extremely frustrating as no other information is given. I have my track record in photography and also a Master's degree in digital arts so I
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