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  1. a shesh if the wound fabric head gear of the Bedouin tribesmen that it looks like he's wearing in his profile pic
  2. It's private land. It's not actually a footpath, though people think it might be. There is a way leave right of access for visitors to the church. I never intended to create a fuss. I won't shoot Ian or set the dogs on him. Just wondered what the 'Property: no' thing meant. Now I know! Ian is welcome to visit again (......perhaps not in his shesh)
  3. That’s the one. It’s from 1300, so a bit earlier. I’m very privileged to live there
  4. it was taken from my front drive / garden (private land) in Chelsworth, Suffolk That doesn't bother me. What bothers me a little is that the detail states that there are no identifiable properties in the shot. Not a big deal but it made me wonder how honest contributors are.
  5. Hi I'm a new(ish) contributor. I thought I'd search Alamy to find out how high ranked my images were. To my surprise I find a photo of my house, with the 'details' bit saying 'Property: no' or similar. The image was available for all use, not just editorial. Looking further it appears that quite a few contributors simply choose 'no' when there's a property. What do people think? (I couldn't insert the image - wouldn't let me!)
  6. Same for me.Just registered. Failed several times with Safari and Chrome on my Mac. I have superfast fibre. Not a good first experience!!
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