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  1. Hi I was wondering what timescale contributors applying to the reportage scheme are receiving their "yay or ney" from Alamy. I recently applied and received an email requesting some photos to review within two hours. I immediately sent a small sample of 5 photos and I have not heard anything since. I realise it was only two days ago but with the request for a sample coming so quickly I thought the decision would be quick too. Is this timing delay normal - in your experience? Do I take it this means my application has been unsuccessful? TIA
  2. I have recently bought a Ricoh GRii (I looked at the Sony RX100 as well - since I use the A7 as my main camera) as I needed a small compact to have on me at all times. The APSC sized sensor and snap focus was what sealed it for me, and I have to say that overall I am pretty impressed. I haven't had any photos captured with the Ricoh get through QC yet (I only posted my first batch a couple of hours ago) but I am not envisaging any problems.
  3. At the end of the day it's "self-assessment" and what you are happy to report and submit to HMRC. There are different views, as there is with everything in life. As long as you are happy with your tax return...... If HMRC ever enquires in to one of your tax returns and challenges it then it is up to you to fight your corner and deal with it as necessary.
  4. Being a qualified ACCA working in general practice I have to disagree. If you made a profit you made a profit - fact. Artificially creating a loss by "over cooking" the expenses is not right under any circumstances - new business venture or not. If there is a duality of purpose costs are disallowable. Costs have to be wholly, necessarily in in accordance for business. Using a proportion of your holiday costs will get challenged if your tax return is ever looked in to. For "use of home as office expenses" HMRC uses simplified expenses. YOu may be able to claim more but you have to justify these. You need to find someone suitably trained/knows what they are doing to help you out (it doesn't have to be a qualified accountant). On the flip side there are many legitimate expenses and costs you may be able to claim that many people simply aren't aware of.
  5. What a shame. I have only recently started submitting to Alamy and whilst I haven't done any live news submissions yet I have a few events in the calendar I am going to go and shoot. Oh well........................
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