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  1. Missed that one - apologies. You have convinced me the 100/6 is worth a look. A faster lens would be nice, but then I want a lens with a little more reach than 70mm. 200mm is a bit of an overkill (for my needs) but the 85mm - 135mm is ideal. What's the image quality like in this focal length please? Does it start to degrade too much to pass Alamy QC? Thanks all for your input with this.
  2. I thought the VI was your go to camera? What if you didn't have the VI or the III (or any RX100 - like myself) - Would you still buy the VI for the longer reach?
  3. From what I have read, as I don't have any actual experience with either the VI or the VII, it seems the VII has improved video features and AF and FPS. I am only interested in stills, so the video is wasted on me. As for the AF, I understand the VI is plenty fast enough (?), and since I rarely go for super fast subjects this is also wasted on me. Ditto re the FPS. All things considered the VI does seem to be the better option for me. I didn't get the chance to go to the camera shop over the weekend for a play, so have got another week left to read/research too much and think about
  4. About £200! In all seriousness there do seem to be a few tweaks in the VII but I am not sure if they would benefit me and what I want this camera for. As for manually focusing, I have yet to try. The focus ring does seem small, which may cause issues. I can foresee MF being an issue where focus is critical, such as shooting wide open, but when trying to maximise DOF and get as much in focus as possible I wouldn't have thought there would be too many issues. I may be wrong though...... I am going to have to get down the local camera shop and see if I can have a "play" with a VI and
  5. Presumably the VI 's auto focus is good? There are some really pics in your port, and if these were captured using the RX100 VI then I am going to have to dig a little deeper in this range of cameras.
  6. Whilst searching for a "have on me at all times" camera I noticed the Sony RX100 series mentioned time and time again. It seems this is a highly regarded camera among the Alamy community, so with this in mind and the fact that (according to the B&H Photo site) deliveries are expected next Friday is anyone taking the plunge and buying the RX100 Vii? The £1,200 (ish) price tag here in the UK is pretty steep for a compact. I realise it is full of tech and features, but the sensor is still only an inch and the lens isn't particularly fast. I have yet to find my ideal "have on me at all times"
  7. Zero sales - still chasing my first licence. Fingers crossed it will come soon. It's encouraging to read other reports and gives me the motivation "kick up the a**e" to keep taking photos and uploading.
  8. Hi I was wondering what timescale contributors applying to the reportage scheme are receiving their "yay or ney" from Alamy. I recently applied and received an email requesting some photos to review within two hours. I immediately sent a small sample of 5 photos and I have not heard anything since. I realise it was only two days ago but with the request for a sample coming so quickly I thought the decision would be quick too. Is this timing delay normal - in your experience? Do I take it this means my application has been unsuccessful? TIA
  9. I have recently bought a Ricoh GRii (I looked at the Sony RX100 as well - since I use the A7 as my main camera) as I needed a small compact to have on me at all times. The APSC sized sensor and snap focus was what sealed it for me, and I have to say that overall I am pretty impressed. I haven't had any photos captured with the Ricoh get through QC yet (I only posted my first batch a couple of hours ago) but I am not envisaging any problems.
  10. At the end of the day it's "self-assessment" and what you are happy to report and submit to HMRC. There are different views, as there is with everything in life. As long as you are happy with your tax return...... If HMRC ever enquires in to one of your tax returns and challenges it then it is up to you to fight your corner and deal with it as necessary.
  11. Being a qualified ACCA working in general practice I have to disagree. If you made a profit you made a profit - fact. Artificially creating a loss by "over cooking" the expenses is not right under any circumstances - new business venture or not. If there is a duality of purpose costs are disallowable. Costs have to be wholly, necessarily in in accordance for business. Using a proportion of your holiday costs will get challenged if your tax return is ever looked in to. For "use of home as office expenses" HMRC uses simplified expenses. YOu may be able to claim more but
  12. What a shame. I have only recently started submitting to Alamy and whilst I haven't done any live news submissions yet I have a few events in the calendar I am going to go and shoot. Oh well........................
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