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  1. Well that’s good because I use neither, belonging to a rather more exclusive clique!
  2. Um, I’m a little confused with how this conversation goes, much like a pub chat; whilst I am still thinking about one topic everyone else has moved on to something different! If aliens are still on theme as per the thread title, my favourite was called Ford Prefect who picked what he thought was the commonest name when he arrived on the planet. Ok it was a while ago!
  3. You have to consider the alterior motives people think you might have, most people don’t think you take photos for interest alone. Re. the property owner, could you be a reporter covering a critical story of their business? A potential property developer? A private investigator? In all these cases saying they are just for stock would be a useful lie. The same logic applies to photographing people in public, and it is a form of rudeness to point a camera in someone’s face without asking.
  4. One day we may find plants respond to our interest, it has recently been discovered that trees in a forest communicate with each other via fungal connections to their roots, the “wood wide web”, so for good reason our ancestors thought the trees contained spirits. That aside I did go on a photo tour once, it was enjoyable being with like minded people but generally I prefer to be on my own, especially when the response is “what do you need that for, we are only going shopping and having coffee!” Naturally I missed a great photo opportunity.
  5. Well since joining Alamy in November 2018 I have only had two sales, back in June; given my modest number of images no doubt I shouldn't be surprised but it is disheartening. My click rate however is showing a gradual rise so I live in hope but the same portfolio on SS gets downloads almost every other day, sometimes two or more per day, and a fair number are in the UK. I have actually had several more downloads on AS with half the portfolio size although the payout is a bit less. I am encouraged by having reached five star status quite quickly but the relevance to this thread is that my cliff
  6. A bit off piste on this thread but it may be worth you taking a look at Pentax, they are designed for more extreme conditions and have robust weather sealing. Promotional videos show them being buried in mud and washed in a shower, and I have never had ill effects from rain and sea spray. The lenses have different categories of sealing with the star series being the highest, and the flashes are claimed to be weather resistant too although I have never risked them yet!
  7. Hmm, not sure I qualify, I’ll take a look. Thanks for the response. As I recall the parking charge accounted for a large part of the day’s expenses but still worth it for the special deals.
  8. How come it’s free - is this an Alamy perk? Disappointed to see the red and green arrow thing here, it was tested on the SS contributor discussion site and several regulars stopped contributing including myself as a result.
  9. I started off with exclusive Alamy images, and later on out of curiosity I put just a few on SS and forgot about them. Then one day I looked and hey presto those few were starting to show downloads and I was still getting nothing on Alamy. Since then I have loaded most of my current portfolio to both, gone non-exclusive and still not showing any downloads here and just 1 zoom although the guy on the Alamy stand at TPS said it takes a few months. I am included in plenty of searches but I obviously need to work on getting them noticed. If I start to see a pattern of what sells on Alamy better t
  10. Sorry I missed you all, did you see how many were around the Nikon stand?! Still, came away with with a few things at show prices which offset the parking and entry charges so not a bad day.
  11. I am sorry I am probably not helping much. Just a thought, does your house insurance include a free legal advice service? It usually comes as a small extra. Or maybe a debt recovery agency based in S. Ireland, worth a call or enquiry.
  12. Is it on their website? If so then see if it was done for them by a website designer. I had a similar case when I knew I would get nowhere with the user so threatened the website designer with legal action which got a rapid response. Otherwise don't waste your time phoning again just send a recorded delivery letter with an invoice to the partners/directors giving them 14 days to pay, and if no response issue a small claims court summons.
  13. Well I'll be there on Saturday and will visit the Pentax stand so may see you there.
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