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  1. Hello Dave, I live in pembrokeshire. The coastal path here is amazing... beaches, cliffs, islands, woodlands, wildlife, villages, the list goes on. Yet there are never many people walking it? The power of TV! You will need plenty of batteries, it's beautiful. If you want any info, I'll be glad to help out. I have been very busy recently with my new house and I only pop onto Alamy every now and again. Leave a message and I will get back to you. Also, you will be driving past the Gower to get to Pembs, so you could split your time.
  2. As spacecadet mentioned above. Will check the one image file now and make sure it is ok then resubmit
  3. The batch that was processing for a week was a partial fail as 1 of 44 images had a processing error, hence the wait. The rest were fine. The batch they received yesterday cruised through this morning. Happy
  4. I would not say so, he uploads quite a few at a time so i guess it would take QC a bit longer. Then again, you get a shorter wait based on your QC history. My first 5 batches where submitted around midnight on a Sunday or early hours Monday. They were all passed by the Tuesday afternoon. I don't know what happened to that recent batch. I'll just put it down to a sunny Bank Holiday and was at the back of the queue.
  5. Both batches are now awaiting QC. Guess that first batch was stuck in the matrix. Hopefully they'll be passed by tomorrow.
  6. I could work 7 days @ 12 hrs for a month and not take that much home from my day job! Hopefully, by the time i'm 40, I will have 100k images!
  7. I do not have anything to process now, so I can concentrate on shooting for a couple of weeks and make the most of the good weather. Thanks for your response.
  8. Put another batch in now and they are Awaiting QC. The batch from last week seem to be stuck on processing.
  9. Thanks Flintstone, followed your instructions menu>2nd spanner and success and now all quiet...once again thanks. No problem. I have Gary Friedman's Complete Guide to the Sony RX100. So if your not sure of a setting or need info, send me a message or post here and I'll refer to the guide. (Or just ask David K It's a good book for explaining all the settings for the camera. I have the kindle version on my phone, so it's always with me aswell
  10. Not sure Steve. Mine is completely silent. You say turned sounds down to 0 but sound options are either On or Off. Are you sure you altered the right setting? Menu > 2nd spanner menu.
  11. Thanks Sheila. I can confirm that the driver Sheila has linked to is correct. I have just installed the Vista driver and now the thumbnails are of the actual pictures instead of the logos.
  12. For Raw+Jpeg your right. Jpeg Fine on it's own with DRO cranked up seems a lot better. Will do some processing tonight and update.
  13. Looks like something mine would produce. Trees on the edge of the shot tend to show edge softness the most. Was this shot on a tripod?
  14. Thanks for your responses I went out this morning at sunrise to gather some Raw + Jpeg shots. Just importing them now so I can compare them side by side.
  15. I thought that too, but they were awaiting at the beginning of the week and now processing??
  16. Mine have gone from Awaiting QC to Processing now? Not sure what's going on.
  17. Not sure when your bank holiday was, but I re-submitted a batch on Tuesday night (Vancouver time) after a month-long wait in the "sin bin" and they passed QC in about 36 hours. Were any of those pictures RX100 jpegs?
  18. Just want to bring this question back to the foreground.
  19. Hmmm, this has been my longest wait yet. I'll take it as a fail if they have not passed by 5pm tomorrow! Anybody else still waiting from a Bank Holiday Monday upload?
  20. I uploaded some the same time as you and am still waiting. Usually a longer wait after a bank holiday. Hopefully you will be keywording by the end of the day. Hello and welcome too
  21. Have not been shooting long but I prefer horizontals. Why, I don't know. Best I can come up with is the fact that my eyes are situated horizontally across my face therefore I see the world from a horizontal perspective. Daft, but if I lean my head 90 degrees to the side, I see a lot of ground and sky. My forehead and nose are restricting my view to the sides where there is a lot of things that I am not seeing. Put me on a narrow path with high hedgerows either side as blinkers, inside a maze say, and I would go vertical. I guess that when my eyes cannot find anything interesting to the East and West, they go looking to the North and South! Got to be one of the most daft repies I have written or read!! No sarcasm in this reply either Ed. I will wait for others to reply then you may see this post disappear
  22. John and Peter. How about an update on your use of the jpegs. I have been shooting in RAW since I have had mine. Are the jpegs a success? Are you still submitting them?
  23. Keep an eye out on the Sony Outlet website. They have some there occasionally. I had mine for £390 refurbished and £20 off with a voucher code, so £370 in total. It was a refurb with 12 months warranty. It was absolutely spotless.
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