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  1. Kitty I shoot Olympus and many of my first images were shot with a epl-2 which I think was only 12 MP like yours. I've only had a couple rejections over the years. The price of the pen's used have dropped a lot. A 16 MP body can be had in eBay for under $100US. But I think I would contact Alamy if your unable to upload because of the camera. You epl1 should produce good enough image's for Alamy. I own a omg em10 mk3 and a Sony a7 full frame and I shoot 90% of the time with my Olympus. The sony can produce slightly better images, but the Olympus produces more than good enough image's plus is sm
  2. Yep I did it up loaded duplicate files to Alamy. They were approved through QC but I have not titled them or added key words they are just setting there not for sale. Question is there any way to delete them?
  3. I have just recently started uploading to SS I've got about 150 images and a few videos and they have sold well, a lot more than here on Alamy. BUT my top sale was for 1.88 most in the ,25 to .66 range. With a small port I am surprised how many I have sold. I had planned on growing my port over there. But that came to a halt. I agree with M Chapman the yearly reset I cannot do. Gonna pull most of my images and work with the other agency's.
  4. Luminar 3 ( not the new version) is my main raw processor, after using it for a year its all I use. Thinking of up grading to 4 for the sky replacement.
  5. The silence is because there are not many Pentax users out there. I mainly shoot Olympus because I like smaller camera body's. Across the board Pentax makes excellent equipment, if you pick up a K70 you will be very happy with it. Also Olympus has a number of weather resistant bodys and lens.
  6. I have Luminar 3 running on a older laptop...like it very well.
  7. I feel, and I could be wrong, the SS has a different customer base of buyers that Alamy, Yes there is some cross over . I would be interested to know how many images Alamy sells in the states vs SS. Plus SS rejected the image so its only om Alamy.
  8. I looked to see if I could change the AUTO SAVE settings but did find any settings to change. I worked on a couple images last night and I had over 800 new saved images,
  9. wonderful flower images.....who said micro 4/3 could not give good Bokeh
  10. Been using Luminar 3 for a few months now to edit RAW files, Like it, BUT, it seems to save my work often BUT I now have 50 or 60 saved versions of each image that I edit. Anyone else having that issue? any way I can prevent this? What am I doing wrong? Do I have wrong settings? any ideas?
  11. Thank You for the update, I submitted a image yesterday that has a lot of water vapor above a retaining pond. SS rejected it for noise, but Alamy passed it, I wonder if SS actually has a live human look at the submissions.
  12. Alan please keep up updated if you pass QC, Bryan love that shot WAM9A The wires above the train and the castle in the back ground, the jumbled confusion of the wires and the compressed nature of the image by using a 200mm lens , love that style of composition.
  13. Well I took the plunge and picked up a 22 in monitor ….have some images on a SD card right now and going on a little day trip with my daughter this afternoon should have some more images to edit tonight....will give everyone a up date. Thanks to all!
  14. I am basically doing the same thing as you, its a 15" inch dell laptop , I pulled up mu Alamy catalog on my work computer desk top with a 2 year old 24" monitor and the images simply looked better a few I noticed were slightly off on exposure ( to my taste). Live and learn, after years of shooting film and stepping away from the hobby for years you know work family etc, I am learning digital and still have a lot to learn.
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