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  1. Cheers Steve, and great points!


    On the point about the forest location for the mushroom picking, that was deliberately vague as they are highly-prized locations in Sweden ... maybe I need to make that more clear.

  2. I wanted to ask the community for advice about release forms for both models and property. It seems to be that if I took a picture of someone in the street, presented them with a model release form and asked them to sign, handing over commercial rights to me etc...what is the incentive to them? If it was me I'd be wary of suddenly signing a legal document on the hoof. Similarly, what is the interest for company's who's property we shoot for commercial gain? What is the best way to approach to secure an agreement? I understand for editorial use it is not so important ... but for commercial use it is vital. Very grateful for thoughts and tips.

  3. Having huge problems trying to view properly my images on the image manager page while using my iPhone .... impossible to see them when you select the relevant picture because the page frames overlap and get “confused” with each other. Selecting “desktop site” in either Chrome or Safari makes no difference. Anything more I can do?

  4. On 23/01/2020 at 21:22, Abiyoyo said:

    Just now one for $635


    Distributed, but still very nice. Hopefully not refunded as it happened this month with one at $165 changed to $65 few weeks later.


    Country: Japan
    Usage: Direct mail and brochures
    Media: Travel brochures
    Print run: up to 20,000
    Placement: Inside
    Image Size: Full area
    Start: 01 December 2019
    End: 01 December 2020
    Japan, Travel brochures



    wow! Nice one. What picture was it?

  5. 45 minutes ago, Bryan said:


    Not that impressive Chris, I've been here a while.  I started with Alamy in Dec 2007, but was working full time at that point, so I didn't get properly involved until I retired late in 2010.  There were some great fees available in those earlier times, 3 figure sales were relatively common, now approaching the status of hens' teeth, while the total number of images available here has been hugely increased. Things are much, much tougher now.

    Yes, I get that impression from other threads too. Still, got to be in it to win it - as Lewis Hamilton’s dad always said.

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