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  1. at long last a second sale for me on Alamy ...$$ very happy with that after almost a year of uploading!
  2. Many thanks for your valuable input Ian, yes composition still has me pulling my hair out at times and deleting many images that I thought would be perfect.... one of my biggest concerns was perhaps the fact that all my images are RF instead of RM and that perhaps that could play a big role in the fact that I am not getting sales as well but I have accepted that I need to at least double my port and then take it from there, if things are still looking dismal here after that then I will have to throw in the towel and accept defeat! thanks for your encouragement, I will definitely run with the challenge...
  3. Hi Paulette I am still so fussy about putting the correct information down on my images...what a pity that is such a rare caracal to find! I was in the Kgalagadi two weeks ago and managed to get a few shots of a Caracal at a waterhole at sunset, unfortunately not the rare animal but it was still a great sighting! I am still finding so many images on Alamy with wrong place names and I'm sure the assistants at the contributors help desk dread getting all my emails to ask photographers to change them to the correct places...
  4. HI MizBrown, many thanks for taking the time to send your helpful information, there are so many photos on Alamy of Cape Town that I doubt there are any undiscovered places left for me to photograph Lol but I get what you're saying and will take that into account when I do my next photography shoot, the main reason for concern was the fact that I don't want to keep adding to a portfolio that is just not performing well but the few photos that I do have on MS sites sell regularly...however I will try and double this port first and then if I still don't get many more sales, I will throw in the towel! Good luck with expanding your port as well, it can be disheartening when you don't get much response from all your hard work!
  5. My last sale was August 2018 and although I got a fair amount of zooms and many views over January - March, I still have no further sales...I wonder if it's because I sell mostly editorial RF and although I have about 20-30 images from here on MS sites (they definitely sell there) the rest are all exclusive to Alamy, I only sell images from Africa (that could also be limiting) ...await your responses Thanks Childa https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/114169.html
  6. congratulations!! here's to a whole load more soon...
  7. still no more sales since August last year but had lots of zooms and views in the first two months this year....now very quiet indeed! not sure what significance that is since I still have a very small port. Vast majority of my images are exclusive as well...but not sure if I will keep it that way anymore.
  8. Congratulations on your first sale here!! ..... hopefully more will follow faster than my long wait
  9. I'm still adding to my portfolio every week, feels like it's taking forever to get to 1000 images Lol..... We stayed in Madrid for 4 days then took a train down to Sevilla and spent a week around there plus time in the mountains, Aracena region, where it rained most of the time! after that a train down to Barcelona for 4 days and then back home to Cape Town, but next time it will definitely be for longer as I really want to visit the north of Spain for the cooler weather and green areas! Childa
  10. Hi David a really nice and varied portfolio of images! I also am fairly new but just wanted to say good luck with your sales and I had a wonderful two weeks in your beautiful country a few months ago, Spain will always bring me great memories
  11. I'm sure it was PU but I stand to be corrected as I was overseas at the time and briefly saw the sale and only looked at it again when I got back home two months later, but that stage I could not see all the details just the price it was sold for.....however no sales have come through since that one in 2018
  12. yes I have recently started doing the same as you and it's definitely selling better for me over on MS....still early days though!
  13. no releases were obtained and it was marked clearly on the image plus I had noted that it was exclusive to Alamy and it was to be sold as editorial only....
  14. I will probably do that as soon as it's possible.....I was too new at that stage to understand much about stock photography and sales, but I'm getting more clued up as I go along and especially reading these forums, much wiser now!
  15. my one and only sale here has been as personal use ( a street scene of people buying items from a stall on a street corner...personal use?) and I got only $5 nett perhaps because I sell as RF only...not sure but that's not much better price than selling on a MS site IMO!
  16. a few more views, no zooms, no sales....but still under one thousand images, need to keep uploading!
  17. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/114169.html at long last I have been able to complete my portfolio by logging into another browser for my header page photo etc....thanks Alamy for this opportunity to share it!
  18. CRS

    fairly new to Alamy

    thanks for your advice Paulette and helpful response...lets hope all the notifications I sent to Alamy will have people changing their incorrect captions and tags in their images!
  19. Hi from Cape Town I started with Alamy mid June last year but only really started to upload recently, meanwhile I have had a sale and recently zooms have increased with lots of views but no more sales! After having read lots of posts on this forum, I know I need to add many more images before I can see proper movement, however I do have a few questions .... I have noticed many images with incorrect place names and spam names around the Cape Town search field e.g. Camps Bay and Hout Bay will have tags like Garden Route and views from Chapmans Peak etc (all totally incorrect) obviously posted by tourists who have visited here and can't remember where they had been! I sent a message to Contributers but was told that they trust people to put the correct tags and titles into their images when they upload, however they did say that if I could let them have image ref numbers they would contact the people to change them but I can't imagine a buyer purchasing an image of Camps Bay only to be told a few months later after they have published it, that actually that's nowhere near Camps Bay but a few hundred kilometres further north of Cape Town! Normally if I can't remember exactly where I was I would refrain from uploading those images instead of guessing or spamming, anyone else feel the same way? I have a few images from when I first started to upload on Alamy that I would love to re edit and put up for sale again (they were too dark or not cropped properly) is there any way that I can do this without deleting them and reuploading as brand new images? Thanks Childa
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