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  1. Good advice. Thank you Chuck. Are you referring to the "Only available on Alamy" box?
  2. Will take this much appreciated advice to heart. Do commercial images sell better? I have releases on older images and wonder if, moving forward, I should carry around model release forms. I've been shooting RAW for years and processing in LR. I've jumped ship from Canon EOS systems to Fuji XT-2 systems in the last few years. Whereas I'm pleased, I have to be more careful with noise, artifacts and overall compression issues in post with the Fuji. Thanks again.
  3. ahhh, yes. Bond movie...just clicked in my very-overloaded-with-key-words-noggin.
  4. Thank you wim, I learned about my over-keywording blunder this morning and am currently working them over. Glad I submitted a few at a time initially. Let me know if my latest posts seem better to you. I falsely assumed, the broader the keywords, the more hits. Might not surprise you that I don't know what the Bond movie reference is about...
  5. I assume "Quote" is a reply to a message on this forum and this is a new message?
  6. Thanks Harry. The keyboarding did seem to be a bit labor intensive.
  7. Thank you so much Joseph. Ok, so you recommend I keep the RF and mark "Editorial Only" even if these images are not available in any other agency, correct? It's interesting, after one of my photos failed in my first submission (ouch), I was very concerned about over processing so I actually pulled the images in and made them a little more subdued. I appreciate your advice and feedback so very much.
  8. ...six more images just passed QC....this is an oddly humbling experience....I'll take your WWWWWH advice. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you so much Colin...I really appreciate your time and lesson. The Alamy discoverability bar is exactly why I was reaching for far fetched words. So, you actually recommend using fewer words...interesting. Can I simply delete key words or must I re-submit? mmmm. Why does Alamy keep the discoverability bar?
  10. Hi there, I've been a part time photographer and educator for fifteen years. Currently dabbling in photo tourism. The question of what to do with all the images on my hard drive brought me to Alamy. Happy to be here.
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