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  1. So I contacted support who inform me that there is, indeed, no blacklist any more. So it's a mystery why the GR files received the 'camera not good enough' error message during the initial three-file upload. Anyhow, after a different three files were given the OK, I re-uploaded those two files and they passed QC, so all's well. For info: mine is a Ricoh GR I (the first APS-C version). I have the add-on optical finder, which is awesome (if something with literally zero features can be described that way), not least for the rangefinder-style parallax surprises that can really wow you sometimes ;-)
  2. If the problem is due to a blacklist then yes it would definitely be useful to have that information available. I am hoping that this restriction only applies to the initial QC files and that I will in future be able to upload files from the Ricoh GR. In the meantime I have uploaded other files for QC and I'll post after I've tried a 'regular' submission of files from the Ricoh.
  3. Thanks, but that's the thing - the page to upload the three initial images refuses to accept them, reason: the camera 'is not good enough'. I don't know yet if this page will accept files with stripped metadata ... I can try that or, if that doesn't work, just upload other images. But thinking long term, after the initial QC, will I always have to remove the metadata from files created with this camera? I read somewhere on Alamy that metadata should be kept intact. Will they even be uploaded/accepted?
  4. First off, sorry if I'm doing this all wrong but I just signed up. I did my due diligence though, I think, and I can't find the info I'm looking for. I'm a stock photog since 2009 with a well known agency and have several hundred Ricoh GR files in my portfolio that sell well (for info, my other camera is a Nikon D800E). Submitting my three initial files here, just now, imagine my surprise when two Ricoh GR files are rejected outright because the 'camera is not good enough'! I might at his point quote Alamy Contributor Relations Manager, James A, (link here https://www.alamy.com/blog/meet-alamy-content-team-camera-bags ) who says: "My most prized possession though is that little camera at the bottom. The Ricoh GR. A fixed 28mm lens on what looks like a cheap and crappy little point and shoot (but it’s not cheap or crappy). You can keep it in your pocket and take it out anywhere and people just think you’re a tourist – incredibly handy for street photography or if you don’t like to draw attention to yourself. The image quality is mind blowing and I’d trade all the other gear I own to keep it! It’s got a bit of a cult following too, for good reason." So my question is: is this camera really black-listed (or not white-listed)? I would be hugely disappointed if this were the case.
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