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  1. Can new Alamy photographers submit News images? It’s been so long I don’t remember. It seems to me that News should be off limits until you show you can get several submissions through stock QC. I think Alamy News has an email address, so folks not yet accepted might be able to send images there if they’ve got something really good.
  2. From our early winter storm last week, also known by Great Lakes mariners as the "Witch of November." This was after things had subsided a bit.
  3. Tulip tree. Also known as yellow-poplar and tulip poplar. Liriodendron tulipifera. A member of the magnolia family native to my neck of the woods. And, they can get positively huge. Check this one out: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9991284@N05/2680728007
  4. As you may know, there's an election in these parts tomorrow. Three from a rally in Chicago yesterday.
  5. It's almost definitely a juvenile Buteo. As to which one, hard to say. But it's not Falco. The beak isn't toothed. BTW, did you know that DNA studies have shown hawks and falcons to be only distantly related? Falcons are more closely related to parrots. Edit: I take that Buteo thing back. Have a look at this juvenile goshawk: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/londonbirders/images/5/51/Juvenile_Goshawk.JPG/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1280?cb=20110825102224
  6. From our recent Women's March. She was all excited that I was the third person to get it.
  7. Thank you. It taught me not to have a mouthful of coffee when looking at my account in the morning. Still most of my sales are in the $100-$200 range. And October has been awful with only one sale. I usually get at least four or five.
  8. $4000 this year for a shot I took in 2007. RM. Worldwide advertising and promotion.
  9. Interesting and to me, surprising. I shoot with two of these and never had a failure. Are you shooting raw? If you're shooing jpeg, go into the Photo Style settings and turn down the noise reduction to its lowest setting. Panasonic's noise reduction isn't very sophisticated and overly smooths things. You're better off doing this in an editor later. Also, turn the contrast down a notch or two. Unfortunately you have to do this for each individual Photo Style, so it's easier to do it to just one. I'd try the Natural setting, because it's flat enough to let you do some tweaking in Lightroom or Ph
  10. Why even APS-C? I've been shooting for a year and a half with two Panasonic GX85/80s, including a wedding and head shots. Plenty fine for Alamy, the images sell and my back thanks me. Even both bodies and four lenses is easier on my back than my 80D and two lenses was.
  11. Don't Alamy allow customers to download a file smaller than the original? Seems rather silly to have to upload the same image twice, once for news and another for stock.
  12. This guy decided to shoot up in his car right in front of my house. A neighbor called police. The officer behind the tree is our Resident Beat Officer, who lives a few blocks south on the same street. Northern sea oats (Chasmanthium latifolium) native to the Midwest USA and growing in our backyard. This is an American toad a neighbor dug up while turning over his compost pile. Luckily it survived. I had no idea they lived in town. The forest preserves a few miles away are full of them. I've edited the species name as it's been changed from Bufo americanus to A
  13. We have this in the US: http://www.krages.com/phoright.htm Maybe you folks can find a UK attorney to draw up something similar in accordance with UK law. Of course, given the current Resident, who knows how long we'll be able to use this over here? November is coming though.
  14. Setting up a shot and editing it to look like a previously taken shot is probably infringement and there have been several cases where this was the legal decision. Two photogs shooting the same scene or event from a few feet away from each other isn't infringement. If one can't discern the difference between the two scenarios, there is not much more to be said. In the U.S. and many other countries including the U.K. I believe, you establish copyright when you click the shutter. Since the photos are not exactly the same in the second scenario, each photog owns their respective photos.
  15. It isn't possible for two photographers to take exactly the same photo at exactly the same time. They can capture the same instant in time, but there will always be a difference between the two photos because they aren't taken from the exact same location. It can be close, but there will be clues evident upon close examination: https://petapixel.com/2018/03/07/two-photographers-unknowingly-shot-millisecond-time/ Therefore, complaining about copyright to another photographer who is shooting the same thing you are is rather silly.
  16. I think #2 is an F6F Helcat on the right with an F4F Wildcat on the left. The Hellcat had a retractable tail wheel, the Wildcat didn’t.
  17. Actually in the States, the terms expressway and freeway are interchangeable but it varies by geography. In Chicago limited-access highways are called expressways. In L.A. they’re called freeways. The Edens Expressway running north toward Milwaukee from its junction with the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago predates the interstate system, so Interstate 94 was routed along it. When it was built, it was called a “superhighway.”
  18. Keep in mind that if you’re photographing the horizon on the shore of an ocean or a large lake, you can get perspective distortion that can make the horizon appear to slant even when the camera is level. It’s an issue with reproducing a 3D scene onto a 2D plane. As for the flat earth “The horizon always rises to eye level,” nonsense, I had an opportunity to test that last Thursday evening. I’d volunteered to photograph a networking event for a non-profit I support that was held on the 35th floor of an office building just north of Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. I had my two L
  19. A couple enterprising young men were selling these ugly little dog chew toys on Michigan Avenue. One evening from the alley behind our house. My City.
  20. Actually, the writer addresses the beaver (Castor canadensis) possibility and shows in photos that beaver gnaw off branches, they don’t break them. The broken branches were broken intentionally and by Homo sapiens.
  21. I’ve been using two GX85s (North American GX80) for nearly two years with no failures. I have the kit 12-32, the Lumix 45-150, 14-140, 20mm f1.7 and 42.5 f1.7. I find the images to be cuttingly sharp even with the kit zoom, probably due to the lack of an anti-aliasing filter. The two primes are especially sharp even wide open. You do have to be careful and watch for blue/purple fringing with things like backlit tree branches and leaves, but this is easily fixed in Lightroom. I love these things. I can carry one with the kit lens, 20mm and 45-150 in the tiny Thinktank Mirrorless Mov
  22. My best buddy's dad had one in beige. Decent enough car. It was a "downsized' Ford. Still huge.
  23. In Chicago, I'm pretty sure nobody ever grabs a Sillitoe Tartan cap after a sporting event. You'd have five to ten more of them on you just like that.
  24. I got started in photography when my parents gave me an Instamatic for Christmas. About a decade later they gave me a Canon AT-1 for college graduation. Went to grad school, got an MS in molecular biology and to work researching antibiotic production at a now merged out of existence pharmaceutical company. Then I moved into research imaging instrument sales with a brief hiatus as a photo researcher at a medical and scientific stock agency that had its own studio. Learned how to light and started shooing stock. Went back into selling research imagers for a big Japanese imaging firm
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