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  1. Just checked in this morning and saw this. Awful news. Condolences to his family and friends.
  2. I probably won't cease restricting personal use in any case. However, I agree the sizes should be in pixels on the long side? Also, does personal use allow posting online. If so, there is no way I'd allow that.
  3. My zooms have fallen off a cliff in September. I suspect something is not working correctly.
  4. As I live where Echinacea is native, I can tell you that the only non-purple naturally occurring species to my knowledge is the Ozark coneflower, Echinacea paradoxa, which is similar in morphology to the pale purple coneflower, Echinacea pallida, but is yellow. The plants in these photos appear to be cultivars of the common purple coneflower, Echinacea purpurea. There are composites native to North America that are not in the genus Echinacea that are also called coneflowers, which adds to the confusion. The orange coneflower is Rudbeckia fulgida. The prairie coneflower is Ratibida pinnata. Nei
  5. The conversation. At the Illinois State Fair Morning commute.
  6. Nearly froze my tush off on this one. The Witch of November. Bare shelves.
  7. Another thing to consider is creating a pseudonym for only deleted images and switching images to it before deleting. This should help move them to the bottom of searches, I think.
  8. Interesting. Bison are the most dangerous animal in Yellowstone. It might have something to do with some people treating them like big cows and getting too close.
  9. 😊 It goes without saying that I made sure both cat and wife were fine before doing the shoot. I've been photographing medical and health related stock since working at a specialty agency in the 90s. I've photographed far worse including gunshot victims. And when life give you lemons, make lemonade.
  10. Shot some images this morning at 8:03 local time, received passed message from QC at 11:14. That's a personal record. Well done, Alamy. My wife had an unfortunate collision with one of our cats while barefoot, resulting in him digging his back claws into her foot while trying to get out of her way. The knucklehead has a bad habit of getting right behind you, so if you turn around, whack. Anyway, we took the opportunity to shoot the scratches and her applying triple antibiotic cream.
  11. You’re welcome. Ah Spain. So now the Spaniards will get to enjoy all the cottony seeds floating around in June and July. 😊
  12. Yes. Not sure if it’s eastern or western though. Where did you shoot it? It’s a youngster. There’s an ancient eastern cottonwood in a forest preserve near me with a trunk about 2 meters in diameter.
  13. Sold twice and it looks like for the same publication or sister publications. One 2 page spread, $$$, one full page mid $$. We love Tammy around here.
  14. 😂 My brother put himself through college and grad school in the late '60s driving a cab in Chicago. Being that it was the 60s, he burned incense in the cab's ashtray. One day, three business types got in the cab and one of them sniffed and asked, "What's that smell?" "Incense," my brother answered. Biz guy asked, "Why are you burning incense?" Big bro answered, "It keeps the tigers away." Biz guy says, "There are no tigers around here!" My brother's final response was, "See how good it works?" The other two gents lost it and probably never let that guy live it down.
  15. Country: WorldwideUsage: Single company, editorial magazine, print and or web, multiple use 5 yearsIndustry sector: Media, design & publishing Low $$
  16. This is a multiple seller. Mid $$. Country: WorldwideUsage: Magazine, any editorial digital use, one time use onlyIndustry sector: Media, design & publishing
  17. There may be an interesting story behind this. I was tempted to caption it, “Meet me at the corner of Michigan and Chestnut and bring the sh*t.”
  18. Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Television (editorial)Print run: Unlimited transmissionsPlacement: Use within body of show High $$
  19. $$$ Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Television (editorial)
  20. That's kind of strange. I've found my work on Pinterest a few times and had them take it down,
  21. Hi all, In the course of reverse image searching sold images, I found a site using two of my Alamy images watermark, footer and all. I've notified Alamy Copyright, but I thought others might want to have a look as well, so here you go: https://newcastlebeach.org/
  22. Single company editorial use. $$$. A very creative sundial billboard in Chicago.
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