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  1. Having used both the 12-32 and the 12-60 my opinion is that there's not a lot of difference in sharpness. The 12-60 is a bit sharper, but the 12-32 is plenty sharp for Alamy. The extra range of the 12-60 is nice, but once you put it on a rangefinder style body such as the GX85, you lose the compactness that I found was a great advantage for city work. I sometimes wish I hadn't sold the GX and that lens. As an aside, I also had the Leica 12-60 for a time, but found it really not that much better than the plain Lumix 12-60. It's built better, but that's about it. And since I was usin
  2. I’ve used Panasonic Lumix MFT cameras for several years now and the images sail through QC and sell just fine. I started with the GX85/80 and now use a G85/80 and a G9. They have more than enough dynamic range and image quality. You can still get a GX85 in a two lens bundle with the 12-32 and 45-150 for $500 here in the U.S. I don’t know about other markets. Add the 20mm f1.7 and you’re pretty much set.
  3. Best 2020 month volume wise, second best in revenue. 15 sales, $681 gross.
  4. On August 10 a powerful derecho blasted through Iowa and Illinois. It was most severe in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and was equivalent to a category 2 hurricane. It’s not getting much attention from the national media and may be unknown outside the US. I drove the 300 or so km from Chicago on Tuesday. Here are a few images. Edit: Here's what Wiley Plaza looked like before the storm. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/2125-2129-Wiley-Blvd-Cedar-Rapids-IA/16476284/ Edit 2: It now is estimated some areas of Cedar Rapids experie
  5. I can login but can't access the dashboard or image manager. I can get to my account balance. Something's messed up.
  6. Although I live right outside Chicago, if I ever want a taste of the deep south, this bald cypress swamp is less than half an hour away. I've always wondered how hit got there as the closest cypress swamps are about 500km south in southern Illinois. Finally, I ran into a forest preserve conservation worker there who told me the area had been a Civilian Conservation Corps (an idea who's time may have come again) camp in the 1930s and they planted the trees in a low, flood prone area.
  7. I've never quite understood why the early settlers in North America didn't recognize the American robin's obvious similarity to its close relative, the European blackbird and instead focused on the red breast and named it after a fairly different looking bird. Maybe it's because they didn't have the internet and couldn't look at photos of them side by side.
  8. Mourning dove feeding one of its chicks in our backyard. Hard to say whether this is mom or dad. If they're next to each other you can sometimes tell.
  9. When I was in Live News, I had several sales. But the bigger sales came later as traditional stock. Photographers need to be thinking about things like history and medical textbooks, etc. As for exposing one’s self, it’s pretty easy to practice social distancing outside these days. I also keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me. Here are a few I’ve grabbed over the last couple of weeks. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/todd-bannor-alamy-portfolio/covid-19.html
  10. Dealing with COVID-19 at election time.
  11. Well, I haven't had a failure in ages, but I uploaded two images over the weekend. I received the Submission Passed email this morning, but when I logged in I found they'd failed. Anyone else ever have this happen?
  12. I take the opportunity to stay in and shoot still lifes.
  13. I'm 5 star and uploaded this Friday. Passed in under an hour.
  14. I restrict personal use for the reasons stated by others. I also don't sell RF because I can't restrict personal use if I do. I would sell some images RF, if I could restrict PU. I would consider selling PU if there were size restrictions and price increased with increased file size. I have sold at least one print on FAA to somebody who wanted to buy a PU license and contacted me directly because I don't allow it. As for the simplification, I'm fine with distilling non-editorial down to commercial use. It's the way things were done back in film days when I worked at stock agency. W
  15. From the climate protest in Chicago last Friday.
  16. Hi folks. Thank you for the kind words. Sorry about the link problem. Here is a new link for the book: https://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/8435004/abf008f9668c3f33c8b17b26b3041f1d2d026fe3 I found a typo and had to upload a new version.
  17. I think the 400D should make it through QC if you're careful, but the earliest 18-55 lens wasn't that good so that might be the problem. The more recent versions are sharper than they have a right to be at the price. The last 18-55 I had before I switched to MFT was sharper in the corners at f8 than the 24-105 Mk1 was at f8 on a full-frame. But designing for smaller sensors is easier. And by being careful I mean keeping the ISO low and not pushing up the shadows much, or the noise will kill it for you. By the way, this thread should be in the QC and Tech forum.
  18. Well I've never had this happen before. I started an ftp upload five minutes ago. Then I decided to login to my account. I clicked on a sold image and Image Manager opened with the Congratulations message. The first eleven images appeared as passed. When the upload was done, they all showed up as passed. Wow. Impressive.
  19. I have several images of The Bean (Cloud Gate) in Chicago where it probably takes up more than a third of the frame. But it's public art and I believe the city has a blanket release because photos of it are used promotionally all the time. It's pretty silly to say photos of it can't be exclusive, especially when no two photos of it are exactly alike.
  20. It even happens on the Great Lakes. Here in Chicago, people frequently get swept into Lake Michigan and often die. This is a close call from several years ago caught by a news helicopter. You only need to watch the first minute.
  21. I don't expect anyone here to order this, but I thought I'd let you all know about it. Most of my friends know I was an event photographer for Obama for America. What some people may not know is, I met Barack Obama in 2003, when he was a little-known state senator. I have finally finished my photo book, "Barack Obama: From Name Tag to President," chronicling the journey I was fortunate to be a small part of. An ebook is coming. https://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/8364942/7725d56c147dfcc2f40665867275c8009c333d13
  22. I totally agree. My sales and CTR were humming along until this month when both nose-dived.
  23. I’m just recovering from a pulled lower back muscle. I have no idea what I did. It wasn’t my camera bag, I shoot micro four thirds, speaking of small cameras. By the way, I bought a used Lumix G9 in mint condition a few months ago and it is ergonomically the best camera I’ve ever owned and its image quality is as good as the Canon 80D I had a few years back. Plenty capable for stock.
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