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  1. Funny, I got a popup ad for Mac Keeper. And another from a porn site. If you're running Windows, I'd scan.
  2. I never post more than cell phone pics to Facebook. Anything else, I link.
  3. Oh, I have multiple sellers and they're not easily copied since some involve certain VIPs in specific moments and others are set up model shots. Those I don't share. I'm not that concerned about a public fountain anyone can shoot. Especially since I can easily return at different times of day to round out the lighting when the thing is running again. I live here and my rank when it comes to this stuff isn't half bad. Look at how many photos of the Cloud Gate sculpture are on Alamy and elsewhere and yet I still license mine both on Alamy and elsewhere.
  4. That's interesting. It looks like Most people concentrate on the water jet that occasionally shoots across the river. It's probably inevitable, so I won't fret over it. And they'll have to wait until spring for it to be turned back on. Maybe they'll forget.
  5. Congrats! I saw that as well earlier today. Not ready to pull the trigger just yet.
  6. This was a pleasant surprise this week. Licensed for a 2016 calendar and bringing in the highest fee in quite some time. Thanks Alamy!
  7. Have you read this review? http://slrgear.com/reviews/showproduct.php/product/1611/cat/69 Evidently there's a motion blur problem at some slow shutter speeds with some µ3/4 bodies due to the first shutter curtain causing vibrations. Don't know if the G5 has an electronic first curtain mode, but using it seems to fix the problem.
  8. I've shot next to Pete at fundraisers. I'm pretty sure these aren't his.
  9. I don't sharpen but occasionally increase local contrast slightly with the Definition slider in Aperture.
  10. Yep. These days they're probably overkill for 90% of photography.
  11. And I'm sure the native bird population appreciates the extra material come nesting season.
  12. It sounds as if night photography without a torch/flashlight can be extra costly in the USA. Good luck with Obamacare when it kicks in. Our single-payer system works well enough here in Canada (i.e. no charge at the walk-in clinic), but the US is a different kettle of ideologies, I realize. I'm a single payer guy. If we would just gradually lower the Medicare age, it would be much simpler. But a lot a folks down here freak out about it and tell ridiculous horror stories about Canada's system. And they ignore the very real horror stories from our old system.
  13. Glad you're okay. My father was in in the coast artillery in San Francisco at the outset of our involvement in WWII and manned a gun emplacement similar to the one that gave you grief. He was stationed at Fort Winfield Scott on the south side of the bridge. I heard quite a few stories of his exploits growing up. The guns were actually obsolete by then and he was soon offered a transfer to the Army Air Corp. There are coast artillery training films on youtube I'm sure he watched. Targeting was done by triangulation from Base End stations which were essentially armored spotting stations buil
  14. I think you nailed it. It looks like the left-hand nest is hung from the branch using wire. You can save the image and zoom in on it a bit.
  15. Some sort of weaver bird nest. Or perhaps Oropendola: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oropendola. The way you identify a hornets' nest's residents is smack it with a baseball bat and then look over your shoulder while running like hell.
  16. Thank you. We'd love to send the Mackinaw, but we need her here. Lake Michigan is a force not to be trifled with. This morning the harbor was flat, but if you look at the horizon past the right-most captain in the photo, you'll notice it isn't a perfectly straight line. Those are southbound swells out past the break wall on the big lake.
  17. Over 100 years ago, every year for twenty years, the schooner Rouse Simmons carried a cargo of Christmas trees down Lake Michigan from the northern forests to Chicago. She tied up in the Chicago River and the crew sold the trees from her decks. On November 23, 1912, she sank with all hands in a storm off the Wisconsin coast. Today, the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw carries trees to Chicago for donation to underprivileged families. I attended the very cold memorial ceremony today at the Mackinaw's berth. A little slideshow here: http://web.photodex.com/view/pxc8mkm4
  18. Here's an aftermarket charger for the RX10, includes two batteries: http://www.amazon.com/Wasabi-Power-SLT-A55V-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX10/dp/B0049WBZEK
  19. Cool. Let's see the pics when you have them.
  20. David, Can you use Auto ISO in manual mode? You can't with the RX100.
  21. Not too bad on dpreview? That's saying something. David will post some. Then we'll see what happens when someone who knows what they're doing uses it.
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