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  1. A murmuration of starlings currently mobs the Virginia creeper vines on our house going after the berries. And why are there European starlings in the States? Because some geniuses wanted to bring over all the birds mentioned by Shakespeare and did so. Starlings were the only ones that "took."
  2. Laws are different in every country, but in the U.S. only one parent need sign a minor release.
  3. Already a thread about it: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/3250-nearly-spat-out-my-coffee/
  4. I never leave anything visible in a car no matter where I am. For hotel room security worries while you're in the room, there are some alarm devices that can be temporarily used on the door that will sound a loud alarm if the door is open. Just google hotel door alarm. As a former frequent business traveler, some tips. Always deadbolt and use the slide lock most hotels have when you are in the room. When you check-in, check the windows, especially if you're on the first floor. Many times I've found them open or unlocked. When you leave the room for the first time, check to make sure th
  5. Don't laugh but I find the latest 18-55 kit lens with the STM focusing motor to be one of the best options. It's sharp across the frame even wide open. It's better built than its predecessors and has internal focusing, so the front element no longer rotates. Of course, it's slow and it may look a little silly on a pro level body like a 7DII. I also have tried the 18-135 STM and it's pretty good, but softer in the corners than the 18-55 and more prone to lateral CA in the corners. I just sold mine as I'm planning to get an RX10 or something similar sometime in the future and I also have the 55-
  6. And sorry for the confusion to those who couldn't see it off the bat. I've never changed my preferences, so it's probably the default, whatever that is. Edit: Actually, I must have set it to the Sales column someway back a bit.
  7. Wow, just got back from an excursion and look what's sprung up.
  8. Nice! When I was about 5, my older brother owned a '50s vintage Minor convertible, probably one of a handful in the States. Then he forgot to put the top up prior to a huge thunderstorm. Oops.
  9. when I saw the fifth search down the page in Measures: All of Alamy this morning.
  10. There was a young lady there taking cell phone snaps but I don't think they were together. I have stills of her having the good sense to run when a wave came at her that I didn't upload. Probably should have.
  11. Thank you Edo.
  12. And the topper. Four of the images from Friday, including soaked guy are on the Daily Mail Online: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2816880/65-mph-winds-creating-freak-waves-slam-cars-Chicago-early-snowfall-Sierra-Nevada-Wacky-weather-greets-change-season-clocks-weekend.html First three are mine too. Thanks Alamy News!
  13. Whoa, that's a story.
  14. Not hard to believe given the length of Loch Ness that large seas are possible if the wind lines up with it.
  15. This reminds me of some local history. Back when most U.S. fire departments were transitioning away from Cadillac ambulances to the modern "box" style, Chicago's Fire Commissioner Robert Quinn resisted, saying, "People want to go out in style." Not a joke, he really did.
  16. Yes, people don't realize that a foot or even less of fast moving water can do this to you. My late father was stationed in the coast artillery in San Francisco prior to and at the outset of WWII. He once told me that while he was there, a woman walking along a beach on a sunny day had her feet taken out from under her by the wash of a breaking wave. She was sucked out into the ocean by the backwash and never seen again. The shore of Lake Michigan from Indiana up into Michigan is among the most dangerous areas for rip currents in the States. People come from all over, and thinking it's jus
  17. He was fine. This guy, however, could have been swept out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a07zhQG12Jk Lucky for him and his 5DIII, it's not salt water, so maybe the camera will survive.
  18. It was a little windy in Chicago today.
  19. +1. Aperture let's you batch append fields without wiping out existing keywords, etc. How hard could this be to add to M.I.? Unfortunately, Aperture is going the way of the dodo.
  20. Interesting trivia about the word "Yosemite." It was used by a neighboring original tribe to describe the people who lived in Yosemite Valley. It means, "Those who kill."
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