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  1. My guess is that Alamy isn’t going to change their policy mainly due to the app. That said, I bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max a year ago. I was using a Canon G16 that I picked up on eBay as a carry around just in case camera. This is one of the few small sensor compacts that was on the old suitable cameras list and it generated several image sales. But, the iPhone simply has better image quality. Better dynamic range, better exposure metering and better color, even with the two cameras other than the main camera. The main camera has a sensor about the same size as the G16, the other two are smaller.


    Such is the power of computational photography. If a camera manufacturer came out with a compact with a sensor the size of the G16’s that featured computational photography, I think a fair number of photographers would buy it. I still prefer the haptics of a camera over a phone. And they’d have to put in a lidar sensor for portrait mode. I’ve now done a couple of paid headshots with the phone in that mode and the customers are very happy.

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  2. All image in my portfolio are exclusive, but obviously this doesn’t make sense going forward. I haven’t waded through the comments, so I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but you can have Alamy mark all your images non-exclusive, at least I assume so, since I had them mark all of mine exclusive. But since there is no benefit to this, I will start marketing these images through my Smugmug site in addition to Alamy.

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  3. On 16/01/2021 at 14:56, John Mitchell said:

    During the 1950's, when I was a kid, my family sailed from the UK to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on an ageing (launched in 1904), coal-burning passenger freighter called the Manchester Port (Manchester Liners). We crossed in late November, probably the roughest time of year to traverse the North Atlantic, so it was a memorable journey. As I recall, the ship took only 14 passengers. Here she is bound for South Africa. The images are in the public domain, but I was still surprised to find them on Alamy.


    Has anyone else come across any surprising "personal history" images on Alamy?

    Wow. I wouldn’t even cross Lake Michigan in November on that ship.

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  4. Best year volume-wise but revenue is about where it always has been for the last several years, with the exception of 2018 when I had a $$$$ sale. It reminds me of what the Red Queen said to Alice.


    I’m probably going to switch from shooting with stock in mind to concentrating on my commercial work as well as fine art. I was going through images yesterday and realized I have a huge backlog of stock appropriate images to upload, so getting those up will be the majority of what I do stock-wise.

  5. 3 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    Yes but as you say you have had news (ie reportage) privileges withdrawn. You haven't been "called" because it hasn't been spotted yet- how would it be as you're bypassing QC?

    Archive and reportage are distinct categories. It's just that quality warning mentions them together. I do not have news privileges and I don't use archival to upload news either. I accept the policy even if I don't agree with it.

    Remember this is an open forum and Alamy read it too.


    I had them withdrawn when they went to the upload within 24 hours rather than 48 hours limit as many others did. Then I received an email stating that since several of my news images sold for stock use fairly soon after, I was being granted upload privileges to the Reportage/Archival route. So I'm pretty sure Alamy is okay with it.



  6. 1 minute ago, spacecadet said:

    As Cal says, you're misusing archival privileges- they're just that, privileges, and for archival images. They are not an excuse to upload news images by the back door.

    That's not exactly true. It's Archival/Reportage. And three images I recently uploaded through that route sold pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure I'd get called on it if it was a problem.

  7. 1 hour ago, Cal said:


    I suspect they shouldn't be though, and this is probably just taking advantage of the fact that QC through those methods is minimal.

    If they're appropriate for this, meaning they're topical editorial and of decent quality, it shouldn't be a problem. For example, I just uploaded a couple of images from the 12 Pro Max of people queued up wearing face masks and holding packages outside a UPS Store. I used to have Live News privileges but was granted the archival route when that was culled because several of my live new images sold for stock later on.


    I wouldn't use it to upload photos of cute cats, etc., though.

  8. News/Reportage phone images can be uploaded through the Reportage/Archival portal if you have that privilege. I just bit the bullet and bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Image quality from the Max’s main camera, which uses a fairly large sensor for a phone, is comparable to images from the Canon G16, which was on Alamy’s old suitable camera list. 

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  9. I’ve been using Luminar 4’s sky replacement for some images I have on FAA, but I’m up front about it and call it digital art. It’s an amazing tool. I would say it’s probably fine for stock. Alamy used to have a check box for digital manipulation in the image manager. I’d probably include a notification about it. Also, Be careful with using the provided skies. I saw a landscape image posted on one of the photo forums that had a Luminar canned sky that I recognized immediately. The big issue was the sky has the sun shining through clouds, but the landscape was lit by the sun coming from behind the photographer. The guy caught a lot of grief for it. So be aware of where the light is coming from and make sure the sky matches it.


    I’ve also found it works for background replacement with headshots and portraits.

  10. On 20/09/2020 at 03:49, Joe Gaul said:

    Had my only recent QC fail with the 12-32, maybe I just got a bad copy, it's also a fiddly lens but can only speak as I find and would not use or recommend the lens. Haven't used the Lumix 12-60 but reviews are positive at the price point which is why I suggested it. My choice was between the Olympus 12-100 and Pana-Leica 12-60 and the PL won on size and IQ, it is fine on the GX9. If I were to still shoot events I would use my Canon DSLR cameras. The 45-175 is OK stopped down but a little soft wide open and the relatively small size, internal zoom, and focussing allows more clandestine shots. The lack of a wired cable release for both the GX85 and GX9 is a pain though. Probably the only lens I do enjoy using on the M4/3 system is the Olympus 12mm f2.0 the others I own are simply functional and do the job for stock.

    Kit lenses tend to vary in quality more than higher end lenses. The Panasonic app works fine if you can’t use a cable release.

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