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  1. Alamy and new recs

  2. Poor Discoverablity

    ok. I think I am finally getting the hang of Alamy.
  3. Poor Discoverablity

    Thank-you Maria.
  4. Alamy and new recs

    Thank-you Martin, Phil and Joseph
  5. Poor Discoverablity

    Thank-you everyone. I am reviewing and taking all advice into consideration. Will make amendments were possible. Appreciate your assistance
  6. Alamy and new recs

    I'd really like to know if all the hard work is worth it and if anyone makes money off Alamy? I am wanting to invest time and energy into Stock photography being a new stay at home mother. I have been shooting for 15 years and don't want to loose my mojo. Income is an important factor for me so I would appreciate any tips or advice. Even recommendations for other European and American Stock sites you use and find ok. Alamy looks to be a fabulous platform - I only wish for recs because like anything it is good to diversify. Kind Regards, Hannah Millerick Australia www.hannahmillerick.com.au
  7. Poor Discoverablity

    Awesome Thank-you. I have since worked on the images again and I am in the green! Finally.
  8. Optional and Mandatory fields have been filled out correctly and thoroughly and the discoverability is still poor?