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  1. Laptops are notoriously difficult to calibrate
  2. I shoot Nikon and Fuji. LR does a great job on the .NEF's but a poor show on .RAF files. Because of this, I use Capture One for Fuji files. It's the green part of the fuji files that LR has issues with. Things like grass/foliage have a softness/smearing and for Nikon raw files, Capture One has a 'cheap' look to the sharpening. So yeah.. a pain, but different software for different files. *Capture one, I just White balance, exposure, sharpen then export a 16bit Tiff to LR and do the rest there. I find Capture One to not be intuitive.
  3. I'm an exposure and colour nazi , I got some hi end hardware. When you say bright colours, is that just 'bright colours' or do you bump up the saturation?
  4. Hey Yeah, I think I need to spend a few hours checking out forum posts of do's and don'ts this weekend.
  5. Hey , I'm gonna have a tonne of questions no doubt got about 20000+ travel images that need editing and will be hitting up the forum on how best to process the Raws to keep Alamy sweet In 2012, what I read, it seemed over sharpening was a common issue of new uploaders. 7 years on and.. yeah I'm sure things have changed
  6. Hey guys, English - New Zealand photographer living in Australia. Signed up to Alamy in 2012, ran scared and now peeking under the covers again
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