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  1. Hello from London

    Thanks guys - I thought having a name in the caption was enough but I'll make sure they're tagged too. Cheers!
  2. Hello from London

    Thanks Chuck - I'm not sure what you mean by 'IPTC or caption information' - is that just the tagging? I've not used any Z-mount lenses yet - just my existing ones with the adaptor. However, I'd not really looked into it much beforehand and I'd not realised that some of them wouldn't work with auto focus so that's a pain. Overall, I prefer my D810.
  3. Hello from London

  4. Hello from London

    Ah, so this isn't just a forum to talk about photography?? :-) Actually, I've been a surrogate for a gay couple, having 2 children for them so there are 3 of us in that parental group! I think that if they'd been able to do the DNA from 3 people at the time, that would have been the ideal scenario.
  5. Hello from London

    In general Alan, or just those 2? :-)
  6. Hello from London

    I wasn't aware of that! Thanks very much for the advice MDM! Looks like I've got some tagging to do. :-)
  7. Hello from London

    New to the forum but been on Alamy for a whole 17 sales worth! I'm planning to retire on the oodles of cash I've raked-in!! :-) Hello everyone. Anyone else out there using Nikon Z cameras?