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  1. Megan, I don't know the details of how Wikimedia Commons works, but I would be surprised if a minor could be held to the terms of an agreement unless her/his parents also agreed to it, so maybe you could look into reasserting the rights to your work.
  2. Thanks for the update. It seems weird that height would be a problem. Do they not have a fire plan in place for the Eiffel Tower, for instance?
  3. With something like a fire, and many other news events, it's not all about speed and being the first one on the scene. The most dramatic shots may take place hours after it starts, such as part of the structure giving way. I personally would hate to be off uploading when something like that happened, but I'm planning to do my best to conform to Live News standards. So go shoot, and do your thing, and don't worry about what other photographers or agencies may or may not already be there. They may be off keywording when you get the money shot. (And I don't mean to be crude in the face of tragedy; just using that as a generic industry term.) But anyway, very sad for Notre Dame. I only visited it once, when I was younger, and didn't have the same appreciation for it I probably would now. I hope they save some of it.
  4. Thanks, all. I wonder how that would affect images already licensed. I'm also wondering if Alamy checks with the photographer first to make sure images weren't shot from off-property.
  5. Michael, are you talking about photos for editorial? Does Alamy delete those? Thanks.
  6. I'm brand-new here, and I don't know if this has been suggested on the forum before, but I'd love to have the option to set reserve prices for certain images, like you can in auctions. I'm just getting started with Alamy, and I'm optimistic about how things will go overall, but I can already say there are certain images I won't be posting because I don't want to see them go for low dollars. I'm not a microstock chick whatsoever. There are certain images I'd like to maintain some control over, and say if the client isn't willing to pay X dollars, they can go find a similar image elsewhere. By setting reserve prices (depending on usage) we would become our own negotiators. I think photographers need to remember there will always be clients who place a premium on uniqueness, just like with couture, or custom cars, or landing a table at an exclusive restaurant, and a photo they'll be seeing every time they click on a site or pick up a publication, because 100 different people have bought it, will be a turn-off to them. I know it would be to me if I were choosing photography for a project. I think photographers need to share the responsibility of keeping our industry viable, and not surrender control to agencies so easily and put all the responsibility on them. That said, I certainly do hope Alamy is negotiating for the best pricing possible, and heartily protecting photographers' rights against client infringements. But so far, Alamy seems pretty cool to me, so we'll see.
  7. Thanks so much, Janet. I was thinking about printing it out, but that's a long list they have there. But it's good to have a place to alert them we've met photo needs.
  8. I am just learning about this tool. I see the last post was in November. Just wondering if anyone had any updates on how it's working. Thanks!
  9. Hello, everyone. Really enjoying this forum so far. I am brand-new, and haven't found an answer for this yet in my forum or Alamy instruction search so far. I was in the process of putting my first image on sale, and trying to figure out the best method for choosing which excess Lightroom tags I wanted to delete. I deleted a few, and wasn't seeing any changes to the number of tags. I then counted the tags, and realized that although the screen was saying there were 50/50 tags, there were actually a lot more showing. (Before I counted, I had assumed Alamy had already deleted excess tags on import, and I was figuring I was going to have to put some important ones back in.) Then I saw a note that said changes wouldn't be recorded until you hit Save. So I went ahead and hit it because I thought you had to do that to refresh the page with tag deletions. But lo and behold, evidently hitting that button puts your image up for sale! So evidently it's gone into the process for sale with way more than 50 tags? Does this mean the system will automatically delete excess tags? Alphabetically? I'm curious why the system wouldn't tell you you had too many tags before putting the image into the sales queue. Thanks for any help anyone can give me! I hadn't designated any supertags or filled out the optional information either, so now I'll have to do that after the fact. It also defaulted to royalty-free, which I quickly changed. This is the second issue I've had so far with something Alamy could probably use a "Confirm" dialog box for before automatically launching a significant process. Edit: I've since figured out that the image goes on sale as soon as you meet the minimum mandatory info requirements. I've edited the listing to delete excess keywords, but I still have my question about what would happen if I hadn't.
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