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  1. Thank you. I actually got an email today saying I passed QC. I will send the pictures that caused the automatic fail to that email address.
  2. Okay I will try to make it clearer. When I'm in the Alamy Image Manager page, I have to upload 3 files to submit for my first QC. Here is the result as soon as I select 3 photos taken by my Fujifilm X100F in RAW and processed (btw I got Lightroom and tried, same result) : I cannot even submit the pictures, I just get automatically rejected in a fraction of a second because of the "unsuitable camera" error. When I select any 3 images from the X-E1, here is what I see : It lets me upload the pictures to submit at least and they could be rejected or accepted by QC but at least it's not an auto decline. I haven't had time to contact anyone yet nor do I even know whom to contact but the point of my post was originally to see if anybody had submitted pictures from an X100F and gotten through which they have. Again, thanks for the feedback and trying to help. I appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I think I wasn't clear enough though. When I submit the pictures...I can't even submit. Just uploading the pictures triggers an automatic "non-suitable". With my crappy software (Fotor), I can upload pictures from my friend's camera (X-E1) fine and then I would wait for the QC's feedback. Same software, same "manipulations" but the non-suitable is automatic after upload which is weird because I could even submit pictures from my old X20 (can you tell I like Fujifilm?). There is definitely something I am doing wrong if other people have used older X100 or even the X100F and gone through. I'll try a few things but at least I know I didn't buy the completely wrong camera.
  4. So I decided to invest in a Fujifilm X100F which fits my street photography style and so far I'm loving it. I have never uploaded photos to Alamy before but I wanted to start uploading some stuff but when I try to pass the first QC, it auto rejects my photos saying the camera is not accepted? I was under the impression it was sufficient enough even though it's not a pure DSLR from what I've read on the forum before. Maybe I missed something. They are 6000x4000 size, compressed size between 5 and 7 mb. I do not have Photoshop or Lightroom yet so I just have some crappy freeware to edit pictures. I worked from the RAW file, played with a few things and then saved it as high quality JPG...is that what is causing the auto reject? Would love to have some help and comments (other than the obvious get LR and/or Photoshop, that will come). Thanks!
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