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  1. Thank you. I actually got an email today saying I passed QC. I will send the pictures that caused the automatic fail to that email address.
  2. Okay I will try to make it clearer. When I'm in the Alamy Image Manager page, I have to upload 3 files to submit for my first QC. Here is the result as soon as I select 3 photos taken by my Fujifilm X100F in RAW and processed (btw I got Lightroom and tried, same result) : I cannot even submit the pictures, I just get automatically rejected in a fraction of a second because of the "unsuitable camera" error. When I select any 3 images from the X-E1, here is what I see : It lets me upload the pictures to submit at least and
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I think I wasn't clear enough though. When I submit the pictures...I can't even submit. Just uploading the pictures triggers an automatic "non-suitable". With my crappy software (Fotor), I can upload pictures from my friend's camera (X-E1) fine and then I would wait for the QC's feedback. Same software, same "manipulations" but the non-suitable is automatic after upload which is weird because I could even submit pictures from my old X20 (can you tell I like Fujifilm?). There is definitely something I am doing wrong if other people have used
  4. So I decided to invest in a Fujifilm X100F which fits my street photography style and so far I'm loving it. I have never uploaded photos to Alamy before but I wanted to start uploading some stuff but when I try to pass the first QC, it auto rejects my photos saying the camera is not accepted? I was under the impression it was sufficient enough even though it's not a pure DSLR from what I've read on the forum before. Maybe I missed something. They are 6000x4000 size, compressed size between 5 and 7 mb. I do not have Photoshop or Lightroom yet so I just have some crappy freeware to e
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