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  1. I do a fair amount of street photography. One day I saw a tourist in the park walking with a lens on his camera bigger than my arm. Not only did I wonder how on earth he could walk around at ease with that thing but I was wondering what on earth he planned on shooting in the middle of the city park. Not much wild life around. I believe in freedom of photographers, but you need to keep a balance.
  2. Also, the Highline can be interesting. It runs on the West side of Manhattan from 34th street to around 12th street. It's an elevated park populated by lots of people, with views of the city too.
  3. Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village always has a lot going on.
  4. All I can figure is that the speedy QC and five star rating for those lucky enough to have them is due to the over abundance of Christmas Eggnog!
  5. Or you can look at this lens. It's supposed to be a wee bit better quality, but bigger, heavier and costs more. https://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/lenses/fujinon-xf55-200mm-f3-5-4-8-r-lm-ois
  6. I have this and I'm happy with it. https://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/lenses/fujinon-xc50-230mm-f4-5-6-7-ois-mk-ii-black
  7. I use fuji mirrorless (x T-10 and now x T-30) and have had no problems.
  8. I had my first QC failure the other day. They said my photo was "Soft or lacking definition". It was an old sign on the fence of a park gate. The only thing that could be considered "soft" was the black lettering on the sign, but that was how it is in real life, as it's old and a bit faded--everything else was nice and sharp! I feel like maybe whoever looked at this is new and inexperienced! Since measures were also down for a while I'm wondering if someone is home sick and someone else just stepped in to cover! At least I'm glad they told me which photo it was so I just re-submitted the batch leaving that one photo out.
  9. OMG! What will I do without my morning cup of "Measures"?
  10. Same with me. Glad to see that it's obviously a system glitch and not anything I did. But hope they can fix it ASAP.
  11. Some people seem to have a knack for social media marketing and get lots of followers and do well. Others have to work really hard at it. I think I fall into the work really hard category. I have done best on Pinterest with 50k monthly viewers, about 1500 followers and some images get as much as 1500+ views per month but they don't seem to be selling. And if I take time off from daily pinning (which only takes a few minutes) then the numbers fall. So I need to re-assess and put more time into another platform and see if it will increase sales. It's encouraging to hear that it does work for some folks. I agree with not wanting to ask friends to buy my stuff. Marianne, 7K followers on twitter and 1K on Facebook is quite an accomplishment!
  12. Thanks for that, Marianne. I also belong to a POD site, but have not had much success for some reason. I might look into my facebook page and spend more time on it. I do agree with you that whatever you do, it will be time consuming.
  13. I'm wondering if anyone "advertises" their Alamy photos on social media, or do you leave all the marketing up to Alamy? If you do, which platform? Does it help? If it does, how do you know?
  14. Rats, I can't do the 10th or the 17th. Sunday the 11th or 18th would work for me but don't change it if enuf others are able to go.
  15. So it showed as cleared sometime today (Saturday) and therefore looks like I will be getting paid! Not much but a beginning!
  16. No, just listed as not cleared yet and therefore payment not due yet. So just wondering why I got that email saying I will be paid. Guess I will wait and see what happens.
  17. I like Neal's Yard but that is a general area and I think somewhere inside would be best.
  18. Makes sense but I just checked and still not cleared, not over $50. But I supposed it will eventually update. Just need to wait and see I guess. Since this is my first payment on Alamy I'm a little impatient. It's a landmark!
  19. My balance is over $50 but not everything cleared yet. The cleared balance is under $50. Yet today I got an email from Alamy saying I would be paid the first working day in July. I'm confused! Can anyone explain this?
  20. Royal Festival Hall at Waterloo has large areas suitable for meetups. They include chairs/couches & tables. You can bring food/drink to eat or buy it there and stay as long as you like. Just would need someone checking the area before time and then texting exact location to attendees. I used to hold meetups there. Pleasant environment.
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