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  1. Also a sub slogan (if there is such a thing?) Be braver. Go further.
  2. Neon green icon and panel at bottom of page--really in your face. New slogan: "We own the blank page."
  3. So, along the lines of recognizable people in the photo, if there are people but either the backs or they are very tiny and not recognizable, do you still tick the box indicating how many people, or put none?
  4. True enough, all things are possible. But if I was buying an image and I had two possibilities in mind and I liked one a little more but it was marked editorial only and I knew I was going to have to write an email or make a phone call, and not 100% sure of the result, and I had another one all ready to purchase, I think I might opt for the second choice, unless the first one was really unique and outstanding. Just saying.
  5. Great to get your thoughts. So I think I will go back and unclick "For Editorial Only" on some images. I even have it on cows ATM since they belong to someone. But I think I over did. I had no sales at all last month, first time in a year. Hopefully if I untick that box on some photos sales will return.
  6. Hi there. I joined Alamy in 2018. When the new contract recently came out I did my best to read all the relevant posts and to understand what it all meant. I took most of my photos off exclusive to Alamy and I also marked any that had any property or people for which I have no release as "for Editorial only," because I thought that I had to do that. I would prefer to not have to mark them that way as I believe it limits sales. Now I have been looking at other ports and it looks like many, if not most, have not marked "editorial only", even if there is property or people with no releases. Can s
  7. My dashboard is showing a cleared balance of $-5. I'm pretty sure that not too long ago it was $5 and now it changed to $-5. Do you think that initial $5 was a mistake and hence the $-5? Otherwise, can anyone explain why I would have a negative balance? I have $$$ waiting to clear from several sales.
  8. Thanks for your comments, especially to David! Quite helpful. I have some flower photos that I took some time ago that I didn't think I could use, but there is nothing in it but the flower so there is no way anyone could say I got that in their garden!
  9. I hope this hasn't been asked before. Would a close-up of a flower in a private garden be considered someone's property, if all you can see is the flower? Or a tree in the same private location? I know if you have the surroundings included or any buildings it would be. But just the flower or tree, that actually could be anywhere in the world?
  10. My last batch of images which went on sale a few days ago are still not showing up anywhere.
  11. I have taken candid photos of children I don't know, usually without problem. I also am female and of an age. Sometimes, after I take the photo I will smile at the adult with them and say something like: "She has such a sweet smile" or "Her hair is so beautiful" and they usually respond well, thanking me and not acting suspicious. I have a small mirrorless camera too. There are times that I have refrained from taking a photo because I felt the adult would not be pleased. I don't usually ask permission because I want to capture the candid moment, which I feel asking first would ruin. There are
  12. I have now deleted the duplicate photos. Interesting to know there is no mechanism that prevents you having duplicate photo names and all photo data, as well as duplicate submission title. I did notice that the identifying number of each photo that Alamy assigns was unique.
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