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  1. Four sales so far for low $$$.....happy with that, hope it continues.
  2. That's interesting, I will have another look at captions and keywords, I thought those keywords would have made them appear on both.
  3. Hi Steve, here is the ID....... ID: 2C02Y0Y .......both pics have the same keywords.
  4. Hello all, I have two images of walkers on the Malvern hills on sale, both have the tags 'Malvern hills' and 'walkers'. when I search for 'walkers on the malvern hills' I get 135 results but my shots are NOT there, but if I search for 'malvern hills walkers' I get 370 results and my shots ARE there, I don't understand why they come up in one search but not the other. Any ideas ?
  5. Ah yes, the circular part of the grille looks very similar 👍
  6. It's a customised Studebaker, but I have no idea of the model.
  7. I've had 6 sales this month from 1,782 images, my best so far. I'm happy with that 😀
  8. Rob Mac

    Hello all

    Looks interesting, I am always track side at Shelsley Walsh, Prescott and Loton park, I will have to try and fit it in a visit one day.
  9. Thank's for the spot Russell ........sale is not showing on dashboard yet ????
  10. Rob Mac

    Hello all

    It gets spelt both ways over here that's why I tag my photos with both versions, pebble beach looks great. Rob
  11. Rob Mac

    Hello all

    Thank's Chuck, I am trackside photographer at three uk hillclimb venues so I come across lots of interesting cars. Rob
  12. Rob Mac

    Hello all

    I have been on Alamy since 2010, I think it's about time I said hello. I stopped posting when I became seriously ill in 2012, but over the last two years I have had the time to take it more seriously (the joys of not working) Any advice is welcome. Rob Mac
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