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  1. Looks like I spoke too soon, the images I replaced have appeared again, so I have one set that have passed QC and another awaiting QC .....how do I delete one batch ? Thanks Rob
  2. The 16 images I uploaded again yesterday have just passed QC ......look's like things are back to normal 👍
  3. I have reuploaded the 16 images that went missing the other day.......let's see what happens !
  4. Just a message to say they are still working on it would help !
  5. I uploaded 16 images this morning .......now disappeared !
  6. 4 sales for $120 all on the first two days of the month, then nothing.
  7. Now fixed !...... it was AutoFill on my browser, strange I have never had it happen before though. Thank you Mark 👍
  8. Hi folks, when I try to add keywords to my images I click the box as usual, but now I get a drop down box appear showing keywords from some of my other images, then when I type in the box they disappear, is there a problem or am I being stupid...(probably)
  9. Four sales so far for low $$$.....happy with that, hope it continues.
  10. That's interesting, I will have another look at captions and keywords, I thought those keywords would have made them appear on both.
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