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  1. I have uploaded another batch of 20+ pictures and it’s now over 2 days. Still waiting for approvals. I hope we had some predictable time line window for approval. Based on posts above it does not seems to have to do anything with star rating so wonder what is the criteria for some getting approvals instantly and other have to wait for days/ weeks or months ?
  2. Good news!! Finally Alamy listened to my request and my picture just cleared the QC. Thank you
  3. I uploaded my images in mid April and since then I have done few more uploads but none (65) images have been through QC. This seems to be very long delay in QC approval process compared to other stock photo sites. Not sure if they are under staffed or have. Is a different criteria but over 2 month lag is way off industry standards. Is anyone else facing similar situation or is it just me? Any insight will be helpful in deciding if it is worth waiting or move my photos elsewhere.
  4. I am still confused about RF/RM selection. After reading few more comments related to this topic it appears that it is mostly a personal preference. Am I correct in assuming this? Can someone explain me in lay terms the difference. I am used to Shutterstock and they don't accept any images with anyone who is recognizable.
  5. Thank you Sally for the details and inputs. The above information definitely is very helpful
  6. Hello Friends, I recently joined Alamy and I am wondering how this site works to sell the photos. I have posted about 170 pictures on this site. Over 100 have been optimized to goos discoverability and yet I do not see any views on my image manager. Is it too early to expect? I have been here only for 2 weeks. another question regarding QC. If I upload a batch for 30 pictures and if they find one bad picture they reject all which i feel is very odd and it is a waste of time to re upload them again. In that case will it make sense to upload pictures individually instead of a ba
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