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  1. Thanks for spotting one of mine. I get the Sunday Times each week, but if I'm pushed for time don't always get to the homes section.
  2. Quite a good month with 18 sales for $471 gross. I only just made a pay-out with $83 cleared, which would have broken a good run this year.
  3. Average month 16 for $302 gross including a refund from Brazil.
  4. Good month with 17 sales for $650 gross. After six months I've got more than half last years $$
  5. I had a good month with 20 sales for $580 gross. The month also included my first sale over $100 this year, a $180 textbook license.
  6. Not much change for me, still near the top just ahead of Keith Morris.
  7. I'm back in the Top 500 after being dropped last time. My sales aren't great, so people probably need to be in the top fifty to make a reasonable income.
  8. 2013 I had 165 sales for 5028 gross 2014 I had 193 sales for 5868 gross Happy New Year to all at Alamy.
  9. I've moved up a couple of rows. There seem to be some familiar pictures around mine, so I wonder if it is just a small shake-up in rank.
  10. I had a really good month, 29 for $800 gross I've matched last years sales volume. 2013 165 sales $5028 gross 2104 165 sales $4989 gross $$ Less than one percent down with two months left this year.
  11. I didn't want to start the topic as I had a poor September. 3 sales for $125 gross It follows a slow August, and I didn't receive the top 500 email after being in the last two times. Rob
  12. +1 I was in the top 500 for the first time the last time the email was sent out, and must have just stayed in by the skin of my teeth.
  13. After five very average months to start the year, June was much better. 26 sales for $823 my best month of the year, double my average month. Thank you Alamy.
  14. I'd go for tree Paeony rockii because of the dark base to the petals.
  15. Average for me, lots of newspaper sales adding up to less than $300 gross.
  16. If you convert the tiff to 8 bit then when you save as jpeg photoshop should tell you the size. I usually have the quality at 12, unless the file is too big in which case I use 11.
  17. Spotted one of mine on the Telegraph's site. 15/01/2014 Telegraph online Fraudsters return BYBA1W (Alamy credit only) Robert Convery
  18. I've been comparing this year to last year. 2012 104 sales highest $238 average $45 gross 2013 165 sales highest $180 average $30.5 gross 2012 total $4673.28 gross 2013 $5028.41 gross looks like an improvement of about 7.5% However looking at the net figures 2012 $2752.47 2013 $2515.46 I made less this year. I added a few hundred images during the year, so I'd like to see my income go up even though I do this for fun. Cheers, Rob
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