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  1. Another good vlog. It makes me feel incredibly lazy, the effort you put in to photography.
  2. I had a good month with 24 sales for $503 gross and a reasonable number of zooms. My small port seems less affected by the recent changes than other people with large portfolios have reported. Rob
  3. I had slightly more sales for 20% less revenue than last year. 225 sales for $5426 gross. My target with 3000 images was $6000 gross, so I missed, probably due to extra competition and not getting as many sales over $100.
  4. Average 23 sales for $338 gross. It takes me to 999 sales over the last nine years I've been on Alamy.
  5. River Avon at Tewkesbury River Conwy at Llanrwst River Windrush at Bourton-on-the-Water
  6. I had an average month with 24 sales for $377 gross. No sales over $100 and a couple of small distributor sales made it a poor average per license.
  7. Good month with 16 sales for $523 gross I'm at just over half last years money, so need the next four months to be stellar.
  8. Keith's Aberystwyth weather pic on the front page of the Telegraph was just discussed on the BBC papers review.
  9. I haven't been to the exhibition, I saw a programme presented by Kirsty Wark. I'm not sure the Wilson sisters went through the open competition, as the person curating the exhibition wanted to show collaborative works involving more than one artist. At present it's only individual artists who can have RA after their names, and he wanted to change the rules to allow 'couples'. The Wilson sisters went to Goldsmiths and have previously been nominated for the turner prize, so I guess it takes years to build credentials.
  10. At the RA Summer Exhibition there is a picture of a classroom near Chernobyl for sale at £26,500. https://se.royalacademy.org.uk/artworks/jane-and-louise-wilson/7 ​ A quick search on Alamy for 'Chernobyl classroom' brings up a similar shot. If I did some urban exploring and found a disused factory with trees growing through the windows, what would I need to do to get into the art market?
  11. $270 gross plus a couple of $20 net infringements. It was looking bad until the last two days of the month.
  12. I'm happy, still in the same place near the front.
  13. Great start to the year 24 for $900 gross Just shy of my best month ever.
  14. A good year for me with over 200 sales. My rpi was $1 net per image per year, but to achieve that I had to delete some images and be more choosy about what I uploaded. 2015 was better than 2014.
  15. There is more chance of a buyer seeing your images if they show when the cut outs filter is ticked on a search. Heirloom tomatoes gives 1819 with the cut out filter it reduces to 101
  16. When I first set the pseudonym up I was hoping to get a search ranking boost by including flowers in the name. Since then Alamy have dropped the names from the search and the pseudonym has evolved into images that sell less often, rather than just flowers & gardens as was the original plan.
  17. Bryan Thanks for spotting one of mine in the Sunday Times. It's the second month running I've given you a green tick.
  18. It can take 3 months to be notified of a sale so the ginger cat could have sold. The small red bug F3PHK9 looks like a lily beetle - Lilioceris lilii which only returns 237 search results. You will need around 3000 images to get a payout every month.
  19. I have found one of mine from the live news feed. ​www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/uknews/11982243/remembrance-sunday-poppy-cenotaph-armistice-day-silence-queen-elizabeth-kate-middleton-world-war-one-two.html?frame=3494969
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