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  1. I decided my portfolio needs more flower photos and I like this one of a bee feeding on a flower.
  2. I had an average month with 17 sales for $347 gross. No $$$ sales My CTR has bounced back from its nadir last month.
  3. Another average month with 15 sales for $369 gross. No 3 figure sales and zooms / ctr have crashed.
  4. Congrats on hitting the 1000. It took me 8 years. 1st sale 31st July 2008 31st July 2012 was up to 209 sales after 4 years 9th August 2016 hit the 1000 sales mark.
  5. Echinacea flowers. Hopefully a buyer will search for most recent as there are already a lot on Alamy.
  6. Average month for me with 19 sales for $354 gross. There seems to be too much competition now, and I'm not getting the $$$ sales this year.
  7. If no one can give an ID, I wonder how much value it has as a stock photo.
  8. Could be Old Mans Beard / Clematis growing up an Oak tree, but just speculating - not an expert.
  9. Alamy rang me to ask if one marked editorial only could be used for a calendar, so I think people might lose sales by restricting their images.
  10. Average month with 17 sales for $368 First sale above $100 of the year, hopefully I'll get some more now I've broken the duck.
  11. Wildlife cruise Anglers Lyme Regis Football in the river
  12. 15 sales for $422 gross, which is reasonably good, but only two newspaper sales dropped in on the last day.
  13. The photos with glamourous young women look a bit dated so I would dump them in a separate pseudonym. You could also cut down on similars in the rest of your port. You've a lot of good photos, but you need a decent search rank for buyers to see them. Rob.
  14. I had 225 sales, for $4859 gross. Sales volume was a record but I had over $5000 gross for each of the last four years. In 2013 sales volume was 165 for over $5000 which shows how much prices have fallen.
  15. I wonder if more weight in the search has been given to images that have previously sold. Not a huge change for me.
  16. I used to get the top performer emails, but I was only averaging $500 gross a month so I'm not sure how accurate they were. When you look at how well Wim & Doc do in the monthly reports I'm a long way down. Years ago Alamy released a video of a contributors meeting, and the top 10 were earning over $100,000 a year each.
  17. Regarding deleting duplicates, they are still on the system for six months, so if they get a zoom or sale you could re-upload the image. When I delete an image I put it in a separate pseudonym, before selecting delete. There used to be regular re-ranks, the last one December 2016, but the search engine may now be continuously updated, I don't think anyone is sure. Rob
  18. Good photos, but you nailed it when you said you've got too many similar images. Five images of the back of someones head at Doncaster pride can be deleted straight away.
  19. Average month with 18 sales for $412 gross I've only had three sales over $100 all year.
  20. I operate two pseudos, plus one for deleted images. I have a slightly different strategy to Geogphotos, my second pseudo was originally to organise shots of flowers, gardens, natural history etc and gradually evolved to include underperforming shots from my main pseudo. My aim has always been to get reasonable sales from the second pseudo and to keep the ctr near the Alamy average. Some stats from the 1st of Jan 2017 Robert Convery approx 1000 images sales 94 views 23299 zooms 232 ctr 1.00 Convery flowers approx. 2000 images sales 59 views 32995 zo
  21. Some of your photos are in dull light and/or with on camera flash. (remembrance service, stone masons, mummers play) I would move those shots to a second pseudonym, to keep a high rank in the main pseudonym. Rob.
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