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  1. I had 15 sales for $235 gross. I'm on track for my worst year since 2010. Most of my sales are to newspapers, where prices seem to have taken the biggest hit.
  2. You've got a good portfolio with good captions & keywords. I looked at Grazing cows, Trentino RMHH2T because I liked the picture. You don't have Italy or Italian in the keywords, just have Italy in the location.
  3. I just saw the news on the BBC website. He was always insightful on the forum, my condolences to his family.
  4. I reached $50,000 gross today. Kudos to Alamy as I've got a small editorial port, so they've done well. It took me 1638 sales and 11 years. My highest earning image has nine sales for $729 gross I haven't had any sales over $300 gross, probably because I don't have commercial images.
  5. Average month with 13 for $307 gross. Would have been a lot better without a $95 refund that originally sold four months ago.
  6. I like this shot of a Comma butterfly as it was my favorite out of five, and also the best focus on the eye.
  7. People should be encouraged to post on the forum, only a tiny number contribute. It's easy not to click on the link in Brazilnut's post.
  8. Average month with 12 sales for $292 gross. Good news: one $$$ sale Bad news: It's only the second $$$ sale this year and I'm on track for my worst year since 2010 unless I get a few more.
  9. I think it needs roughly five sales from the lowest paying national newspaper to rent photoshop for one month, which seems ridiculous.
  10. Poor month with 13 sales for $212 gross. Newspaper prices are too low, I'm effectively subsidising media empires.
  11. I think your people images are the most saleable, but you need thousands of pictures to compete. With your flowers you sometimes just put Rose, Clematis or Fuchsia without knowing the variety, which will reduce the chance of a sale.
  12. Average month with 17 sales for $300 gross. No $$$ sales, which is my theme for this year and puts me behind on last years revenue.
  13. I had an average month with 24 sales for $382 gross Jan $227 Feb $236 Mar $305 so April is my best month of the year. There were no $$$ sales and my overall revenue is about a third down compared to this time last year.
  14. Thanks Bryan and everyone who has contributed to the found images, it has allowed me to chase uses which the newspapers didn't report/pay.
  15. You've got a good portfolio. I imagine it is just a matter of time until you get sales. One thing to watch is having irrelevant key words, which will reduce your rank. I'd put hot air balloons as one supertag, Alamy list the key words alphabetically so you may have already done it.
  16. Brilliant portfolio showing real people doing things. The only criticism is too many shots from the same day ie: nurses protest and rally cars.
  17. Third poor month in a row with 13 for $236 gross I used to regard 250 - 500 as average and over $500 as good, but it looks like I will have to revise the targets lower this year.
  18. A poor month with 11 sales for $227 gross. No $$$ sales which is becoming the norm for my portfolio.
  19. December was my worst month ever with 7 sales and 3 refunds earning $24 gross. The year saw my revenue continue the downward trend. 2016 224 sales $5,413 gross 2017 225 sales $4,859 gross 2018 217 sales $4,626 gross
  20. My rough figures are 2900 images & gross revenue 4800 USD per year Using an exchange rate of 1.3 USD/GBP then 50% commission gives 64p per image & 40% commission gives 51p. I went to a mistletoe auction at Tenbury Wells and uploaded six photos of the event which should bring £3 a year. I was there for two hours, plus an hour to sort the photos, so £1 per hour before the cost of running a car.
  21. I just had a TV use $$$ to lift me out of the November doldrums, so it is too early to write the month off.
  22. 21 sales for $440 gross. One $$$ if I round up a sale which was a few cents short.
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