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  1. Unfortunately these rates are the result of fierce competition between stock photography companies. Alamy presently only takes 0.20% of the market and is ranked 15th out of the 30 top stock houses. One other stock library has close to a whopping 56% share of the market. Alamy is actually doing well for its photographers in this climate but clearly it's a buyers' market and the present trend would suggest photographers' earnings will deplete even further over time. It's a harsh world for photographers but hey....that's capitalism!
  2. Welcome Govind. I look forward to seeing some of your pictures soon. I will be photographing in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary in July this year. I wonder if you have ever been there. Regards, Dominic Robinson
  3. Thanks for the kind feedback. In terms of sales I am selling 3-4 pictures each month. Prices vary from $11 up to $250 dollars but as an average I would say around $30. In order to make lots of sales you will need thousands of good images-just keep making pictures!
  4. Hi, I have just tried a search with the phrase "indian animals" and then as a separate words "indian" and "animals". The phrase came up with 33 of my images on the first page and only 6 with the separated word tags. It clearly pays to use a phrase as well as separate words.
  5. Thanks Marianne. You have some very strongly composed images which show a great eye for form and colour.
  6. Thanks for your research. I will make some enquiries with Alamy.
  7. You're absolutely right. Yuk! Image GK72AD is all over the place with its colours, and very grainy too. Many of my pictures are scanned from my original collection of transparencies. I was a prolific nature photographer in the transitional days between analogue and digital cameras-it was really bad timing for me. Picture libraries were no longer accepting transparencies so I embarked on the huge task of scanning over a thousands slides. I got better over time, but some, as you point out, went wrong! The shot was taken on the beach near Byron Bay, New South Wales. I remember crawling on my bel
  8. Crikey-I'm not sure but will look into it.
  9. Sorry forgot to mention the Wiki articles. I started to paste them onto some pictures in additional info when I found reading the extra information helped me with key wording. Mostly I go there to find Latin names for species. It's true it is more time consuming but I get to learn a little more about the subject and it definitely improves my key wording.
  10. Thanks for comments. Yes, wildlife photography is a serious passion of mine and takes up enormous amounts of time.
  11. Thanks for comments and advice. I always thought that if a buyer searched for the phrase "indian animals" the image tagged with that phrase would show in front of another photographer's image with separate tags "indian" and "animals". I'm not entirely sure.
  12. Please view-any advice and tips gratefully received. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/437052.html
  13. Please view my portfolio-tips and advice gratefully accepted. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/437052.html
  14. Dominic Robinson is a talented, UK-based nature photographer with an eclectic mix of European, Indian and Australian images. His portfolio is made up of exciting, strongly composed animal portraits, subjects in their habitats and interesting behavioural shots. A wildlife specialist; all images are accurately captioned. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/437052.html
  15. Dear Alamy, Please do take a look at my recently completed portfolio specialising in nature and environmental imagery. It is an eclectic mix of European, Indian and Australian images made up of strongly composed portraits, subjects in their environment and interesting behavioural shots. As a wildlife specialist, all images have been accurately and carefully captioned and key worded. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/437052.html Regards, Dominic Robinson
  16. Regards to fellow photographers. I have been contributing to Alamy since August 2016 and would like to share my Alamy portfolio link with you. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/437052.html
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