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  1. Hello, Up to now i uploaded only photos here (from 15 months, and not very successful ... just 7 sales for 7 $ net total, all distributor and low price). Just because i know that vector are also acceptable here i think to try, i have ~ 3000 vectors. I read everyday forum about sold pictures, but i not see someone to talk about Vector sale. Can someone share some experience with vector sales ? And how this will affect my CTR (already very low) if i upload vectors, and specially they haven't sales. ?
  2. My first year here: First sales in May for 2*2.26$ = 4.52$ December i have 2 more for 0.96$ net each ... Total 4 sales for 6.44 $ net 21 zooms, some of them the only zooms in search but 0 sales from zooms
  3. After my first sales in May for 2*2.26$ = 4.52$ today i have 2 more for 0.96$ net each ... So, this year i will have total 4 sales for 6.44 $ net ... oh, i forget ... this was topic for positive results ...
  4. Thanks for the comment. Actually my city (the oldest living city in Europe) was this year European capital of culture. That not help for sales ...
  5. The last and only sale for me on May (~ 2$ net). For 1 year contributing here ...
  6. First 2 sales ever for me (from 1 customer), low price, distributor sales but .. first for me Less than 5$ net for me (not cleared yet). I upload pictures from beginning of this year. so .. best month ever for me
  7. First sale ever for me (actually 2 sales from one buyer), i upload pictures from begining of this year. Low price, distributor sales ... but finally i have sale(s). Hope next one will be not after 5 months.
  8. Count me in the club: "I still haven't sold anything". 3 months uploading - 0 sales.
  9. how long it took you, i still wait my first sale ( ~ 3 months here)
  10. It's look like first sale come after ~ 6 months or more for new contributors, from what i read in forum. I am on 0 sales up to now (2.5 months from first upload here and 1200 pics up to now, 1038 views, 6 zooms total) ...
  11. Thanks. I just can't understand about sales reported. I read a lot of forum here but ... One user tells me that if i have sale today - i will see this tomorrow. But another say that if i have sale i will understand this after 1,2,3 months ... For payment i understand that must wait more after sales reported. B.t.w. for 2 months i have 612 views and 5 zooms. More than average CTR.
  12. so ... if i have sale i will understand this after 1, 2 ... 3 mounts ?
  13. If all user increase their CTR with 10% ... all will stay in same position in search
  14. I start uploading from last 3 days of 2018. Up to now 1100 pics - 0 downloads
  15. So if i have sale i will see it next day (dashboard is update every morning) , but money will appear later ? Or i will see sale when money are pays to alamy ? For example - if someone buy picture today - i will understand this tomorrow, or i will understand this after 2-3 months when he pay ? My 2 zooms are the only zooms from searching, so if i understand correct there is big chance to see after time that this zooms become sale ...
  16. Up for now 247 views, 2 zooms = Crt-0.81, that is not very bad for now i think. I am new here, only from 1 month, and i understand that if i have sale i will see it after few months ...
  17. 1 month here - only 2 zooms (from one search) with ~ 1000 photos
  18. Marianne, Thanks for the detailed answer, I already know. It also has patience. That is why in other topics the question "when did you get the first sale" the answer is in a few months.
  19. I will use this topic to ask something I could not find the exact answer from the forum. When there is a sale after how long will it appear in my dashboard? Views and zooms are updated once a day in the morning ... If I have correctly learned from the forum - sales may occur a few months after they happened? For example - I have 2 zooms of search that has a total of 2 zooms. Is it possible to have a sale that I will see after time?
  20. Hello from me, Petar from oldest city in Europe - Plovdiv I am new here, i uploud photos from 1 week That's my portfolio here: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/649997.html
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