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  1. First 2 sales ever for me (from 1 customer), low price, distributor sales but .. first for me Less than 5$ net for me (not cleared yet). I upload pictures from beginning of this year. so .. best month ever for me
  2. First sale ever for me (actually 2 sales from one buyer), i upload pictures from begining of this year. Low price, distributor sales ... but finally i have sale(s). Hope next one will be not after 5 months.
  3. Count me in the club: "I still haven't sold anything". 3 months uploading - 0 sales.
  4. how long it took you, i still wait my first sale ( ~ 3 months here)
  5. It's look like first sale come after ~ 6 months or more for new contributors, from what i read in forum. I am on 0 sales up to now (2.5 months from first upload here and 1200 pics up to now, 1038 views, 6 zooms total) ...
  6. Thanks. I just can't understand about sales reported. I read a lot of forum here but ... One user tells me that if i have sale today - i will see this tomorrow. But another say that if i have sale i will understand this after 1,2,3 months ... For payment i understand that must wait more after sales reported. B.t.w. for 2 months i have 612 views and 5 zooms. More than average CTR.
  7. so ... if i have sale i will understand this after 1, 2 ... 3 mounts ?
  8. If all user increase their CTR with 10% ... all will stay in same position in search
  9. I start uploading from last 3 days of 2018. Up to now 1100 pics - 0 downloads
  10. So if i have sale i will see it next day (dashboard is update every morning) , but money will appear later ? Or i will see sale when money are pays to alamy ? For example - if someone buy picture today - i will understand this tomorrow, or i will understand this after 2-3 months when he pay ? My 2 zooms are the only zooms from searching, so if i understand correct there is big chance to see after time that this zooms become sale ...
  11. Up for now 247 views, 2 zooms = Crt-0.81, that is not very bad for now i think. I am new here, only from 1 month, and i understand that if i have sale i will see it after few months ...
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