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  1. Thanks guys, I didn't realise this would provoke such a lively debate. My feelings are confirmed, crossing 'upload photos to Alamy' off my to do list.
  2. Genuine question...when I got into this in 2008 the microstock companies were already sniffing the air. Fast forward 13 years (ironic) and it seems (with the new contract especially) that Alamy, after valiantly resisting, may be going down that route too. Is there really any hope for the stock photographer- unless they have really niche images that are highly sought after?
  3. Thanks Steve, those were really interesting links, I'm going to go through my images just making sure there is nothing obvious that I can add and perhaps completing the optional box otherwise I'll make peace with the orange highlight!! John, I know, there probably was a memo but I also missed it. Seems it's caused quite a lot of confusion going by the 2 links above!
  4. Right thanks guys, it looks like there's a few things for me to look into. Space cadet, I didn't realise it was a newish thing, thanks for the correction, perhaps they were never ranked 'good!' I always thought I'd captioned them in a way that struck a good balance but perhaps not. I shall look into this more. Much appreciated all
  5. Thanks for your swift replies folks, Cal thanks for the suggestions, I'll take them onboard , those photos are probably a bit misrepresentative though as most of my other photos have pretty comprehensive wording (I think?). What puzzles me is how the images were deemed well worded some years ago but not anymore 😕
  6. Hi all, I joined Alamy in 2008 and uploaded a couple of hundred images over the course of the first few years. Photography has taken a backseat since then and I've just let my account tick along with, on average, 2 or 3 sales a year. The problem recently though is that when I open my account all the images, that I keyworded meticulously, are now marked in orange as having 'poor discoverability' when they initially had a 'good discoverability' rating. I'm not sure how I can keyword them any better (without being superflous) so am at a bit of a loss why they have been mar
  7. Oh blimey, so sorry for not replying to this post before, thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.
  8. Hi guys thanks very much for the replies, it's for a Canon 30D (yes a bit of an antique now) and a Panansonic LX7. I'll have a look on their websites and see if I can find someway to convert. Agree with what you saying Mickfly but my LX7 doesn't seem to produce very big jpegs so figuring it's better to work with the RAW's even though in some ways it defeats the object to just turn them straight into jpegs without any prior processing.
  9. Hi folks, I'm in the process of experimenting with using Gimp software to process pics. So far it seems pretty good but it doesn't accept RAW files. Can anyone recommend some free or cheap software for simply converting a RAW image to a Jpeg please? An internet search comes up with loads of options but I prefer to go with a personal recommendation- I don't want to download loads of junk along with it as has happened in the past. Thanks all, Will
  10. Evening all, I was hoping to ask for some feedback on a particular photo and whether it is likely to pass QC - it's out of focus which I think adds drama but I need an objective view point. I'm not sure which category it should go in and how I can upload a pic to this forum. Any advise please?
  11. Thanks guys, very helpful, I'm going to experiment with some Gimp software but if that doesn't work well enough I think I'll get Elements. I want to keep editing simple- it's the main reason I haven't submitted for so long as I haven't much patience for long hours in front of a computer. Cheers for your help
  12. Hi everyone, I joined Alamy about 11 years ago but it's probably been about 8 years since I last submitted. I'd like to start again but can I use Photoshop Elements for editing? Last time I was using CS 2 but I don't have access to that anymore and don't want to spend loads of money on software. Or is there an alternative out there for photo editing that would be suitable for Alamy? The simpler the better. I've got a Macbook air so needs to be relatively 'light' software. Apologies if this question has been asked lots before, I did do a search on here and couldn't see
  13. Oh dear , moral of the story- open all your emails :/ Thanks for getting back to me Spacecadet
  14. Hi all and happy new year! Does anyone know if there is anyway out of the present arrangement where Alamy claim DACs payback on my behalf, for the last few years I've been doing it myself and then last year I got a letter from DACS rejecting my application. Turns out it was in an Alamy contract that I by default signed because I didn't open one of their emails giving me the opportunity to opt out. Anyone had any luck reversing this? I wouldn't mind too much but I have other non- Alamy images that I want to claim for and this arrangement makes it complicated. Cheers, Wi
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