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  1. To all who have responded to my original posting, thanks for the compliments and for the wise and encouraging words. You've given exactly the feedback I was hoping for and have impressed me with your understanding of this side of the business. 


    And yes, I've always taken photos of the things I love and for my own enjoyment, with any sales being just a cherry on top. So with the insights and assurances you've provided, I'll just keep on shooting and uploading and hoping for the best.



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  2. I'm really learning a lot here, so thank you all for being so helpful. Yes, I suspected that photos of bugs and plants and landscapes wouldn't necessarily be hot items on a site like Alamy, but I thought I'd give it a go, and will continue to do so. 


    It hadn't occurred to me that by offering the same photos to two different sites I'd be "competing with myself," so interesting insight, Spacecadet!


    Again, I really appreciate all your good comments.





  3. I signed on with Alamy last September and now have about 850 high-quality, mostly nature-oriented, photos in my portfolio. After a month of no sales, I decided to sign on with an Alamy competitor and send them the very same photos. Almost Immediately, I started making sales, and now have over 100 downloads. (Granted, this competitor offers a "subscription" program where buyers can pay a fee to download a number of photos at low cost, which means that the amount I'm receiving for most sales is paltry, but every day a few more pennies drop into the piggybank--and that's very gratifying.)


    So, my question to you more experienced contributors is, what do you think might account for the difference in my success with the competitor and my total lack of success with Alamy? I have the top (3-star) quality rating from Alamy, and in addition to the Alamy competitor I also have been selling for years through a more traditional agency that's very fussy about quality, so I'm sure that's not an issue. Also, I have the same number of keywords ascribed to the photos with Alamy as with the others, so that seems to not be a factor (although I've found it impossible to shed the "poor discoverability" onus imposed by Alamy, no matter what I do!).


    Any insights anyone has to offer would be much appreciated. And if you want to review my portfolio, you can go to https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/177824.html 


    Thanks for any help!



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