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  1. What the heck is going on, Alamy?  I uploaded 6 images this morning, only 3 went through.  I decided to delete the ones that were trying and trying to load.  Got a message the three were waiting to be looked at, usually within 24 hours. Fine... usual stuff, but when I checked my AIM this afternoon,  no images were to be found.  I`m still pretty new to Alamy, but even with my few uploads, everything went smoothly. Is anyone else having uploading issues today?

  2. Well... so I`m not the only one... lol.  thanks for the link wiskerke.  I went in and looked around and pushed a button or two.. actually not sure what I did, but when I checked again, the currency is showing in CAD.  Happy camper now!! :))  I emailed support and they`re probably going to roll their eyes at the newbie. :)

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  3. As I haven`t made any sales, I can`t report what currency they pay me in, but I did sign up for US$.


     It was the licensing fee beside the image on the zoom page I was inquiring about.  I just see it in British currency.  Is there somewhere on my site I can change that?  Will have to have a good look around.  Maybe I missed something.

  4. What I was referring to was the URL address in the Alamy profile box.  I checked others and they seem to be the same, so it`s not something you can copy and paste and it goes anywhere. I won`t worry about it now.. just trying to find my way around Alamy... thanks for your responses.

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