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  1. 4 minutes ago, John Mitchell said:


    I occasionally see Alamy credits in Canadian books. However, Canadian newspapers and other media seem to prefer another big stock aGency, which is too bad.

    I noticed on Sat. morn in the Vancouver Sun the big G was listed a few times.  As well as another one starting with B, but none for A.

  2. 3 minutes ago, John Mitchell said:


    I've had a number of $19.99 ones. However, my latest one in January was in the price range you mention. It was refunded this past week, almost a month later, which was aggravating since the buyer has now gotten the image for free. This is the first time this has happened. If I see more refunds, I'll consider opting out as well. There should be no refunds given on PU sales IMO.

    I agree, John... there shouldn`t be refunds on PU.  I opted out of PU on some images I have for sale as prints on FAA, otherwise I feel I`m competing with myself.  Anything else, for now, I`ve opted in.

  3. 6 hours ago, Cryptoprocta said:

    I checked one of my RM images, both logged in via FF and logged out (all history, cookies removed), via a Google search in Edge, and don't see that option on either page. Maybe it's a geographic roll out, or some other selective roll out. Or ... ?

    I`ve seen sales come in from other contributors that had enhanced licensing, but didn`t know what it meant...  seems to offer a lot for little return... we`ll see.

  4. I`ve got a few images uploaded and have been visiting the forums regularly, but have not said hello... so, Hello everyone.   I`m basically a nature photographer, but am interested in expanding my subject matter.  I understand that Alamy is basically an editorial stock company, so will need to listen and learn... or rather watch and learn from the rest of you.... Happy shooting. :)

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  5. While researching a type of tree I have a pic of, I found on Google an image of the leaves that confirmed the ID.  However, the image was from here on Alamy.  When clicked on, it showed a different licensing model than the RM or RF licensing I see on my site.  It showed Personal use, Business use (personal use and...), and Enhanced business use (business use and... )  There is a clickable link that says Which is right for me? which shows a drop-down window with tick marks placed on the various usage licenses showing what all is included.  Looking at another image from the same contributor, it was uploaded on January 17, 2019.  Is this a new licensing model?  Do any of you have this option? Also, it appears to be RM as there is an Other options button that brings down the window for choices... image use, size, print run etc... Curious minds want to know... maybe something new they`re rolling out?

  6. 1 hour ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Sharon, your skill including both photography and developing is great. I would suggest to you, though, not to waste too much time on shooting common food items like fruit. As beautifully presented as yours are, those kind of images are done to death on the micros. So a buyer will probably go there first and get an image (also done well) for pennies.

    Now, the image of your cupcake...fine. As far as food goes, take images of food that you have cooked or baked. While I have fruit in my port, (not many) never have I sold one, other than one of a pineapple showing my husband’s hands slicing a fresh one. Years ago!! 


    I did sell an image of a cream pie I baked once for $700, packaging. But even those are seldom licensed and that was a one-off. Something I can brag about until the cows come home without much hope of repeating it.

    I do get occasional zooms of my food, and occasional licenses. Presentation is everything, and I tend to cook my dinner then decide to shoot it, rather than think shoot first, cook what is needed, and have the items on hand to style it and light it properly. There are so many good food photographers here, so the competition is fierce. Where food is concerned, I tend to shoot from the hip rather than planning the shootout at OK Corral! :D As a result, my food photography is pretty blah.

    Good luck!



    Thanks for your input, Betty.  Truly appreciated :) I`ve come to realize that food isn`t the thing to focus on.  I need to get out there and shoot life situations, but I`m hesitant to shoot people.  Historic buildings seem to sell well from what I`ve seen.

  7. What the heck is going on, Alamy?  I uploaded 6 images this morning, only 3 went through.  I decided to delete the ones that were trying and trying to load.  Got a message the three were waiting to be looked at, usually within 24 hours. Fine... usual stuff, but when I checked my AIM this afternoon,  no images were to be found.  I`m still pretty new to Alamy, but even with my few uploads, everything went smoothly. Is anyone else having uploading issues today?

  8. Well... so I`m not the only one... lol.  thanks for the link wiskerke.  I went in and looked around and pushed a button or two.. actually not sure what I did, but when I checked again, the currency is showing in CAD.  Happy camper now!! :))  I emailed support and they`re probably going to roll their eyes at the newbie. :)

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