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  1. Congrats, Sally!... Good to see an image like this licensed as this is usually my subject matter ... on FAA anyway... I haven`t uploaded any birds here on Alamy, yet.
  2. Mine have cleared.. there were a couple that I was holding my breath for, but they all passed.
  3. Thanks for your input, Betty. Truly appreciated I`ve come to realize that food isn`t the thing to focus on. I need to get out there and shoot life situations, but I`m hesitant to shoot people. Historic buildings seem to sell well from what I`ve seen.
  4. I love to see what`s selling... congrats to everyone!.. one day I`ll be able to include mine... hopefully... long ways to go though!
  5. Looks like a Helianthus multiflorus "Sunshine Daydream". (Sunflower)
  6. Ah, that must have been why I was having trouble too...
  7. Thanks John, I resubmitted and everything went smoothly.
  8. What the heck is going on, Alamy? I uploaded 6 images this morning, only 3 went through. I decided to delete the ones that were trying and trying to load. Got a message the three were waiting to be looked at, usually within 24 hours. Fine... usual stuff, but when I checked my AIM this afternoon, no images were to be found. I`m still pretty new to Alamy, but even with my few uploads, everything went smoothly. Is anyone else having uploading issues today?
  9. That`s insanely low!! I`m new to stock photography and seeing this makes me question my decision to get into it.
  10. I tried finding this info, but no luck. Hope someone will come along and offer their knowledge. I would like to know what size file a customer receives when they download a RF image for the option of personal use, newsletters, website, marketing etc. And also does Alamy collect payment before the download? Many thanks for your input. Sharon
  11. Is there an analytics program to monitor views in our portfolios? Google analytics or an internal monitoring system?
  12. Well... so I`m not the only one... lol. thanks for the link wiskerke. I went in and looked around and pushed a button or two.. actually not sure what I did, but when I checked again, the currency is showing in CAD. Happy camper now!! :)) I emailed support and they`re probably going to roll their eyes at the newbie.
  13. As I haven`t made any sales, I can`t report what currency they pay me in, but I did sign up for US$. It was the licensing fee beside the image on the zoom page I was inquiring about. I just see it in British currency. Is there somewhere on my site I can change that? Will have to have a good look around. Maybe I missed something.
  14. Do all sellers (and buyers) see the same currency as British pounds for their listings? Can we not have our own currency listed with our photos. I`m in Canada and would like to see the currency for my images listed as Canadian. Anybody?.. thoughts?
  15. What I was referring to was the URL address in the Alamy profile box. I checked others and they seem to be the same, so it`s not something you can copy and paste and it goes anywhere. I won`t worry about it now.. just trying to find my way around Alamy... thanks for your responses.
  16. Hi, I just signed up to the form and I must have done something wrong as under URL, there comes up a search I did earlier for one of my new listings. How do I delete this.
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