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  1. 9 hours ago, peter_m said:

    It's look like first sale come after ~ 6 months or more for new contributors, from what i read in forum.  

    I am on 0 sales up to now (2.5 months from first upload here and 1200 pics up to now, 1038 views, 6 zooms total) ... 

    Good luck, Peter. :)

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  2. 4 hours ago, Doc said:

    You have some nice images here - keep uploading like this, and make sure your captions and keywords are good and you will get sales once numbers increase



    Thanks, Kumar... that means a lot coming from a longtime contributor. :)

  3. I was googling nursery rhymes to get an idea of what a book I have might be worth.  I came across a listing on Alamy and it showed a different order page than what I usually see.   I was using Safari at the time and I usually log in to Alamy with Firefox.  Anyway, made sure I was logged out of both browsers and found the listing on both of them, and they`re different.  The order page on Firefox starts with Buy this stock image now... and it goes on to list personal use, presentation or newsletters etc, etc.... On the Safari order page it lists just three options.. Personal use, Business use (personal use and..) and Enhanced business use (business use and....) at the bottom of the menu it asks Which is right for me? and under that is an other options drop down menu for RM licensing. Does anyone have any idea as to why there would be a difference ???  Both these listings were found through Google search.

  4. I use a Nikon EN-EL3e in my Nikon D300 and have bought third party battery packs in the past, but found they don`t seem to last as long... but, have not tried the Duracell replacement.

    Just came across this from Nikon support... it`s a couple of years old, but might explain why you can`t find one available.



    Here`s a website that supplies replacement Nikon batteries.


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  5. 3 hours ago, Colin Woods said:

    No you are not missing something. It is the photographers responsibility to make sure that releases are in place. Alamy have a blanket policy of anyone, or even any body part, in an image must be released. I was looking at a few micros recently and they say, as Alamy used to, that you need images to be released for recognisable people. Alamy go a bit far with their policy but those are their rules so we have to follow them if we want to contribute. It is also the picture buyer's responsibility to ensure that the image is appropriately released for their use. Listing images for commercial use without adequate releases is playing with fire.

    Thanks, Colin... I understood correctly.  I have no intention of playing with fire, as you put it. :)

  6. I`m a little confused about model releases.  It is my understanding that any person shown in an image must sign a model release for commercial use, but not for editorial use.  I`ve come across many images showing people from a lot of seasoned contributors that have no model releases listed but are licensing for commercial use.  Why does Alamy allow this?  Am I missing something?

  7. 14 hours ago, gidauria said:

    Hi all, I am really new, I uploaded a batch of photo and have ZERO in all measures since 7 February, could be my photo are really bad, but no sign of live from Alamy Measure page. On top of the page say last update on 07 of February. Is this a normal behaviour of the page?

    Thank you for your help


    I believe they`re upgrading the system... there`s discussions on this in the forum... somewhere I read it`s supposed to be fixed this week.

  8. Just browsing the categories to see what`s new and found out that several countries were listed such as Australia, Germany, India, MiddleEast, UK and the US.  Canada is not mentioned even though when you search Canada there`s over a million images (1,381,692 to be exact). Being from Canada, I would respectfully like to see Canada represented in the category section.

  9. I`ve found having 40 tags gives a green line and good discoverability...  they don`t all come to me at the time of posting, so have to rack my brain to come up with relevant tags... and the keyword (no pun intended :0) is RELEVANT!   Make sure to star all 10 super tags and fill in the optional section. To have optimized visibility you must have all 50 tags.

  10. On 2/3/2019 at 06:51, mjwman said:

    Hi I have just joined and submitted 3 images for assessment.

    Lets see what they make of them.

    Hi!  Any news?.. don`t get discouraged if your first submission didn`t make it through... just upload some more...  I found it`s a great learning experience... good luck:)

  11. 16 hours ago, Contact Us said:

    Hey guys, 

    English - New Zealand photographer living in Australia. Signed up to Alamy in 2012, ran scared and now peeking under the covers again :) 

    Hi, welcome back.

    I`m pretty new here myself.  Just feeling my way around right now, but so far I love it.  Lots of advice in the forums. Once you start uploading and see how easy it is, you`ll wonder why you didn`t do it sooner.  Good luck and have fun!! :)

  12. On 1/29/2019 at 06:23, MDM said:


    The answer to the second question is no and yes it has been considered as it would always be the first thing one thinks off (well this one anyway). It appears to be random as far as I can see. Clearing or retaining cookies appears to have no effect, nor does using different browsers, retaining passwords or clearing them and so on. I have logged on regularly with 3 different devices from various places (I think it is less of a problem with my iPad than with my computers). I cannot see any real pattern or way to avoid it. I usually only have to do one set of images to get in but sometimes it is two and then again it sometimes leaves me alone.


    I recall reading that this new version of Captcha looks for robot like behaviour whatever that is. Maybe the most afflicted are the most robot-like in their behaviour. One thing I have learnt is not to be too strict with it - e.g. if there is a tiny corner of a car in a picture just ignore it

    Being a Newbie, and logging in and out several times a day probably makes me look like a bot... lately though, I`ve been able to log in and not be bothered with having to click on fire hydrants or cars and other such stuff to id myself as a human.  You would think the computer could recognize an IP address as someone who is registered as contributor.

  13. I really like the portfolio page and think the images really pop.


    I do have a suggestion for the layout, though.  Would it be conceivable to have the photo id moved from dead center to the left hand side?

    Also, I would really like to be able to rearrange the galleries.  As it is they are lined up in the order that they are named.  I would like to have more flexibility in arranging them in either in alphabetical order or for the most popular or favorite gallery at the beginning and be able to rearrange at will.

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