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  1. I use a Nikon EN-EL3e in my Nikon D300 and have bought third party battery packs in the past, but found they don`t seem to last as long... but, have not tried the Duracell replacement. Just came across this from Nikon support... it`s a couple of years old, but might explain why you can`t find one available. https://www.nikonimgsupport.com/eu/BV_article?articleNo=000006311&configured=1&lang=en_GB Here`s a website that supplies replacement Nikon batteries. https://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-nikon-en-el15-lithium-ion-rechargeable-battery.htm
  2. Thanks, Colin... I understood correctly. I have no intention of playing with fire, as you put it.
  3. I`m a little confused about model releases. It is my understanding that any person shown in an image must sign a model release for commercial use, but not for editorial use. I`ve come across many images showing people from a lot of seasoned contributors that have no model releases listed but are licensing for commercial use. Why does Alamy allow this? Am I missing something?
  4. Measures in updating... now I feel relevant... with such a small portfolio .. and growing... I now have affirmation that someone is actually looking at my stuff!.. no sales to report, though!! .. yet!!
  5. Welcome Stephen!.. looking forward to seeing your portfolio.
  6. I believe they`re upgrading the system... there`s discussions on this in the forum... somewhere I read it`s supposed to be fixed this week.
  7. Welcome Alexandr! Great portfolio... love the flamingos.
  8. Sharon


    Just browsing the categories to see what`s new and found out that several countries were listed such as Australia, Germany, India, MiddleEast, UK and the US. Canada is not mentioned even though when you search Canada there`s over a million images (1,381,692 to be exact). Being from Canada, I would respectfully like to see Canada represented in the category section.
  9. Hi Joost... welcome to Alamy! Pretty new here myself!!
  10. I`ve found having 40 tags gives a green line and good discoverability... they don`t all come to me at the time of posting, so have to rack my brain to come up with relevant tags... and the keyword (no pun intended :0) is RELEVANT! Make sure to star all 10 super tags and fill in the optional section. To have optimized visibility you must have all 50 tags.
  11. Hi! Any news?.. don`t get discouraged if your first submission didn`t make it through... just upload some more... I found it`s a great learning experience... good luck:)
  12. Hi, welcome back. I`m pretty new here myself. Just feeling my way around right now, but so far I love it. Lots of advice in the forums. Once you start uploading and see how easy it is, you`ll wonder why you didn`t do it sooner. Good luck and have fun!!
  13. Wondering how to replace an image that`s already listed for sale. I`m not happy with a particular image and would replace it with an edited version. Anyway to do this?
  14. Being a Newbie, and logging in and out several times a day probably makes me look like a bot... lately though, I`ve been able to log in and not be bothered with having to click on fire hydrants or cars and other such stuff to id myself as a human. You would think the computer could recognize an IP address as someone who is registered as contributor.
  15. Sharon

    Portfolio Page

    I really like the portfolio page and think the images really pop. I do have a suggestion for the layout, though. Would it be conceivable to have the photo id moved from dead center to the left hand side? Also, I would really like to be able to rearrange the galleries. As it is they are lined up in the order that they are named. I would like to have more flexibility in arranging them in either in alphabetical order or for the most popular or favorite gallery at the beginning and be able to rearrange at will.
  16. Thank you, Liam... great advice!
  17. What a time waster!!! Getting a little fed up with this nonsense.
  18. I noticed on Sat. morn in the Vancouver Sun the big G was listed a few times. As well as another one starting with B, but none for A.
  19. I agree, John... there shouldn`t be refunds on PU. I opted out of PU on some images I have for sale as prints on FAA, otherwise I feel I`m competing with myself. Anything else, for now, I`ve opted in.
  20. I`ve seen sales come in from other contributors that had enhanced licensing, but didn`t know what it meant... seems to offer a lot for little return... we`ll see.
  21. I`ve got a few images uploaded and have been visiting the forums regularly, but have not said hello... so, Hello everyone. I`m basically a nature photographer, but am interested in expanding my subject matter. I understand that Alamy is basically an editorial stock company, so will need to listen and learn... or rather watch and learn from the rest of you.... Happy shooting.
  22. While researching a type of tree I have a pic of, I found on Google an image of the leaves that confirmed the ID. However, the image was from here on Alamy. When clicked on, it showed a different licensing model than the RM or RF licensing I see on my site. It showed Personal use, Business use (personal use and...), and Enhanced business use (business use and... ) There is a clickable link that says Which is right for me? which shows a drop-down window with tick marks placed on the various usage licenses showing what all is included. Looking at another image from the same contributor, it
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